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Solar Power Pullenvale – Morning Sun

Nestled in the southern foothills of Mount Elphinstone, amidst rolling hills and bushland, Pullenvale is the beneficiary of much scenic beauty. What remains is for Pullenvale to discover the beauty of electricity generated through Solar Power Pullenvale. The sunlight which streams through your window with the morning sun can run all your lights. To benefit from the magic of solar power, get in touch with Queensland Solar and Lighting Company.

About Pullenvale

Pullenvale is a suburb of the city of Brisbane, Queensland, /Australia. This suburb is located to the west of Brisbane at a distance of roughly around 15 kilometres from the Central Business District. With a population of only around 6,000, housing development has only just begun to happen. This is indeed the right time to advance the philosophy of Solar Power Pullenvale. Solar power has the capacity to meet all the electricity requirement of homes, business establishments, schools, places of worship, etc.

Solar Power

  • During the past 5 years the cost of purchase, installation and commissioning of a solar power system has reduced by as much as 75 per cent. Solar Power Pullenvale has become very affordable in terms of the one-time capital investment to be committed;
  • Installation of the solar panels and the inverter is a relatively simple process. As a result, labour costs for the installations are also reasonable;
  • Solar Power Pullenvale is scalable. Among other things, the quantum of electricity that is generated depends upon the number of solar panels that are installed. That is your decision. You can generate as much electricity as you want. You can even add solar panels in the future when your budget permits. The solar power system is modular so addition of panels is easy and convenient.;
  • Electricity generated through Solar Power Pullenvale is free. That’s because the only resource required for generating electricity from a solar power system is sunlight. And sunlight is free;
  • Sunlight is a reliable source of free energy. More reliable than even wind which is it’s nearest competitor in terms of scalability, ease of installation and free availability;
  • Solar Power Pullenvale is maintenance free. Unlike other equipment for generating electricity, a solar power system is virtually maintenance free. That is mainly because a solar power system has no moving parts. Therefore, there is no need for lubrication, polishing, etc. The only care required is to keep the surfaces of the solar panels free of dust and debris like fallen leaves, etc, Clean solar panels are essential for absorption of sunlight which is a prerequisite for generation of electricity;
  • Solar Power Pullenvale is a no pollution means of generating electricity. Solar power does not result in generation of any kind of waste matter or by-products. No smoke, no waste water, no chemicals, no pollution whatsoever. It produces only clean electricity;
  • The International Energy Agency has predicted that within the next 50 years, solar power will be the source from which the world will get the bulk of its electricity;


With so many plus points there is every reason to choose Solar Power Pullenvale.

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