Solar Power Bulimba

Solar Power Bulimba – Rise Again


Solar Power Bulimba is the way to make a new beginning. Solar energy is inexpensive. Solar energy is clean. Solar energy is environment-friendly. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will show you how electricity generated from sunlight can change your life.


About Bulimba

Bulimba is a suburb of the city of Brisbane. The suburb is located on the southern bank of the River Brisbane at around 4 kilometres from the Central Business District of Brisbane. Bulimba is said to have its root in an aboriginal word which means ‘place of the magpie lark’. With a small population of around 6,000 people, Bulimba is thinly populated. But things are likely to change as housing development begins to take shape, In the very beginning itself, it would be wise to incorporate plans for Solar Power Bulimba. There are a myriad environmental, financial and social advantages for implementation of plans for Solar Power Bulimba.


Solar Power

  • All across Australia, home owners are ramping up the installation of solar panels on their house roof tops for generation of electricity through Solar Power Bulimba. Recent statistics reveal that more than 1 million homes in Australia have installed roof top solar panels. Approximately 3 million or more Australians are living in homes that are generating electricity from solar power systems;
  • The question that may take root in your mind is: What are the advantages of adopting solar technology to generate electricity for my home?
  • Well, first of all, the only resource required for generation of electricity from a solar power system is sunlight. And sunlight is free. Obviously, no one owns the sun or it’s sunlight and no one can interfere with your right to capture the rays of the sun to generate electricity;
  • Solar energy is clean. Everybody is aware that the use of conventional resources such as coal, gas and petroleum for generation of electricity for all these centuries has caused indescribable damage to the environment. With Solar Power Bulimba, there will be no such harmful impact on the earth;
  • Solar Power Bulimba works in tune with normal human biorhythms. Most people work by day and sleep by night. That means the demand for electricity is at its peak during daylight hours and tapers off at night. That suits solar power systems which also generate the maximum power during the daylight hours when the sun is at its zenith;
  • Solar Power Bulimba is generated from solar systems which are generally installed on home roof tops. This area is, in any case, usually not put other use. Thus, dead area is put to fruitful use for generation of electricity;
  • You do not have to install a solar power system that will meet the electricity requirement of your household for the entire day and night. Even if you install a lower capacity solar power system, it will be beneficial. Every unit of electricity that you consume less from the grid supplier will reduce your monthly expenses.



With Solar Power Bulimba, you make a new beginning.






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