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Solar Power Camp Hill – Switch On


Switch on to electricity generated by Solar Power Camp Hill. The sun sets every evening but lights powered by the sun can continue with you. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will be your partner in uncovering the miracles of solar power


About Camp Hill

Camp Hill is a suburb of Brisbane located around 6 kilometres to the south-east of the Central Business District of Brisbane. The suburb is largely residential with a few commercial establishments. Housing development is slowly coming to Camp Hill. This is the right time to think in terms of Solar Power Camp Hill. Integration of Solar Power Camp Hill at the time of conception of development plans would be the best thing.


Solar Power

Solar Power Camp Hill has multiple advantages. But before taking your decision there are a few issues which you may need to consider

  • The solar panels with which your friend is s satisfied may not be the appropriate solar panels for your home. Among other things, you would need to keep in mind the area on your roof top which you are able to make available for installation of solar panels, the direction in which your roof faces, the amount of electricity which your household requires, the quantum of electricity which you would like to generate from your solar power installation and your financial resources;
  • There are two types of solar panels on offer in the market – the monocrystalline panels and the thin film panels;
  • Both thee panels have their own advantages and you will have to make a judicious decision about which type of panel is best suited for your requirement for Solar Power Camp Hill;
  • In general, monocrystalline panels are the preferred choice. One major reason for this preference is the fact that monocrystalline panels have been in the market for more than 40 years. The technology is tried and trusted and these panels have built themselves a formidable reputation for performance for Solar Power Camp Hill;
  • Monocrystalline panels are also superior performers on north facing roofs which receive the best sunshine in Australia;
  • Monocrystalline panels are also more sturdy;
  • But thin film panels incorporate state of the art technology and perform closer to their rated output;
  • They are, however, significantly more expensive than monocrystalline panels;
  • Thin film panels also have huge advantages when it comes to installation on curved or other odd shaped roofs;



Mounting the panels

Much will depend upon the type of panel which you choose to install for Solar Power Camp Hill, Beyond that, you will want to consider:

  • The capacity of the mounting system particularly its strength and wind certification;
  • The location of the panels on the roof should be away from the likelihood of falling debris – for example, leaves from the overhanging branches of a neighbouring tree, etc
  • The capacity of the glass to bear the weight of stray falling objects that may be wind borne;
  • Installation of the solar panels should not be in a wind channel



With Solar Power Camp Hill, you will be switched on to green. Your lights will shine in a unique way






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