Solar Power Narooma

Solar Power Narooma


While using Solar energy to power residential and commercial buildings has been a common

concept in many countries, in Australia this has picked up pace in the recent past.The Solar

energy installations in Australia have increased ten fold between 2009 to 2011 since when it has

started gathering momentum.


There have been two reasons which are responsible for this –

1) There are government schemes which are targeted towards increasing the use of

renewable sources of energy one of which is Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

(STCs). Through this house owners become eligible for rebates when they opt to go in

for renewable energy sources.

2) There are also Feed in Tariff schemes which will result in a pay back for the solar energy

generated back into the electricity grid.

There are also Mandatory targets which will be imposed to ensure that upto Twenty Percent of

Energy used comes from Renewable Energy sources.

While many renewable sources are in use like Biogas, Biomass, Windpower this articles will

focus on Solar Power usage in Narooma.

Solar Power in Narooma

With Australia being one of the places that gets the maximum sun throughout the year, one

easy way to save rising costs is to go solar.

In Narooma more and more people are looking for new ways and means to lower their energy

bills and this is where the apt solution is leaning towards Solar panels and Solar hot waters.

Instead of using the conventional energy sources to generate electricity, Solar power is

becoming a more popular way which works on generating electricity from the Sun’s energy.

A solar panel converts the sun’s radiations into electricity which can then be used to power


QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD Solar and Lighting started off services in Queensland as a Solar panel distributer and

now offers services across all states in Australia. They have a wide range of Solar Power and

Lighting products which will help make the move towards Solar easy and cost effective for


QLD has researched solar panels and inverters across a wide range of companies and uses

and recommends only the best quality brands which are mostly from German Manufacturers.

Germany has been the leading market in researching and developing Solar products and going

with their products is a safe proposition for all Solar solutions.

If you are looking towards seeking a solar solution for your residential or commercial buildings,

QLD Solar and Lighting can help design the best solution with maximum return on investment.

Advantages of going Solar

1) Becoming eligible for government schemes and rebates which are targeted towards

increasing the use of renewable energy

2) Increasing compliance to mandatory targets on using Renewable energy sources

3) Reducing on electricity bill by having appliances use solar energy drawn from installed


4) Getting credit for excess solar energy generated by feeding back into the grid.

5) Reducing on energy spent on heating water by using solar water heaters.

So if you are looking to seek a quote for a Solar installation in Narooma, then contact  and ask for a quote.

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