AGL Energy Review Australia

AGL Energy Review


AGL started off way back in 1837 as ‘The Australian Gas Light ‘ Company and was the pioneer

company to bring gas lights into Australia. Since then it has continuously kept inventing and

growing and today is Australia’s leading private company for renewable energy.

From then to now, AGL has continuously worked towards providing renewable and sustainable

energy in a safe manner and is now focusing on environmental aspects by helping their

customer lower their energy requirements and using renewable energy.

AGL has a presence in both Wind as well as Solar Energy.

AGL Energy Offerings

AGL offers an integrated offering to its customers for Renewable energy. It has products and

services to develop renewable energy. It has two arms –

1. Retail energy business which sells energy related products and services

2. Merchant Energy business which maintains power generation assets and develops

strategy for renewable energy

Its key products are in offering Natural Gas and electricity

And it provides Services in gas and Electricity distribution and Asset management.

Out of all the energy that AGL generates and distributes, one third of the energy comes from

renewable energy sources namely –

• Solar

• Biomass

• Biogas

• Windfarms

• Hydroelectricity

This article focuses on the Solar offerings by AGL.

AGL Solar Offerings

AGL currently offers Solar Offerings in the following states across Australia:

ÿ Victoria

ÿ New South Wales

ÿ South Australia

ÿ Queensland

ÿ Tasmania

The products and Services offered are as below:

1. Solar Power

2. Solar Hot Water

3. Solar Photovoltaic Panels and Inverters in Small , Medium and Large ranges.

Why Solar Power?

Instead of using the conventional energy sources to generate electricity, Solar power is becoming a

more popular way which works on generating electricity from the Sun’s energy. A solar panel converts

the sun’s radiations into electricity which can then be used to power homes.

Advantages of using Solar panels for a residential home are many –

1) Electrical appliances running in the house, draw less from electricity and use the solar energy


2) Any excess solar energy generated during the day can be fed back into the electrical grid and

you get credit for it

3) Using electricity for generating hot water is one of the primary consumers of big chunks of

electricity. Using a Solar water heater, water gets heated using the sun’s radiation, thus saving

on the electricity bill

4) There are government schemes which are targeted towards increasing the use of renewable

sources of energy one of which is Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (STCs). Through this

house owners become eligible for rebates when they opt to go in for renewable energy sources.

5) There are also Feed in Tariff schemes which will result in a pay back for the solar energy

generated back into the electricity grid.

Advantages of going ahead with AGL being your biller

1) AGL has been operating in this field for more than 170 years.

2) It is one of the most renowned name in Australia for renewable energy.

3) They have an expert team which will help design the best solution.

I would not be using them for a solar install however, large companies like this will cash in on the ‘solar’ and mass install jobs using subcontractors… scary stuff!

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