latest list of dodgy DC Isolators from the CEC which have recalls on them due to overheating and fire risk.


We have never supplied and fitted any of these items, our customers, we assure them that we are aware of the situation and currently have a maintenance and rescue service receiving enquiries everyday about replacing DC Isolators that other solar companies who have gone into receivership and are now bankrupt

 We can assure you we have never used faulty DC isolators in our installs.

Below is a list of recalled DC Isolators that remain a threat in Australians homes.

Product Recalls

Hazards: There is a risk that the DC isolator may overheat and cause fire.


GEN3 and SPM rotary DC isolators

On 18 June 2014, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a product safety recall for several models of DC isolator supplied by Uniquip Industries.


Identifying features

The recall covers SPM and GEN3 branded isolators with the following model numbers:

  • GEN3DC-25
  • GEN3DC-32

These isolators can be identified by checking the brand marks and model numbers as below:

What are the defects?

The products’ internal contacts may have a fault where a high resistance connection could form.







Avanco-branded DC isolators


Product description: Avanco brand rotary type DC isolators

Identifying features: The recall covers Avanco DC solar isolators with the following model numbers:

  • AV/DC4P25A
  • AV/DC2P25A
  • AV/DC4P25AUB
  • AV/DC2P625AU
  • AV/DC2P25AU
  • AV/DC2/2P25AU
  • AV/DC22P125AU
  • AV/DC4P25AU
  • AV/DC4P25AUS
  • AV/DC4P25AUT


Defects: The product features an internal fault, where a high-resistance connection may form.



DKSH Australia – PVPower DC isolator

Product description: PV array DC isolator


Identifying features: ‘PVPower’ part number: XPDCISO1000V32A


Defects: The product features an internal fault, where a high resistant connection may form.




NHP – Two models of DC isolating switches


Product description: NHP-KDA-432 and KDM-432 metal and plastic versions sold at electrical wholesalers.


Identifying features: NHP DC Solar Isolator Switches with date codes from x0113 to x3813 (x can be any number between 1 and 5) have been recalled.

Note that the last four digits are critical to identify the affected product. Switches with date codes x3913 and above are not affected. These date codes are only labelled internally and should only be accessed by an authorised electrical contractor.

Defects: The switch may still be ‘ON’ even when the handle is indicating ‘OFF’.

Hazards: There is a risk of electric shock to the electrical contractor during maintenance and installation.



we have our own in-house installation teams and the quality of our installs is amongst the best in Australia, by not using sub-contractors we can control this situation.

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