Solar Power Bardon

Solar Power Bardon – The Sun Rises


Every morning when the sun rises it offers you a gift of electrical energy from Solar Power Bardon. It is really wonderful that such an essential requirement as electricity is available to us from the bounty of nature. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company are professionals in installing solar systems which provide your homes and establishment with electricity from Solar Power Bardon.


Bardon in brief

Bardon is a picture perfect residential suburb of Brisbane. At the foothills of Mount Coo-tha, Bardon is very much in the lap of nature. The picture will become complete with a change-over to Solar Power Bardon to meet all requirements of electricity. Team Queensland Solar and Lighting Company could partner Bardon in making this far-reaching change.


Why Choose Solar Power

When you choose Solar Power Bardon, you will stop contributing to the degradation of the natural environment. Not only that, but all those who opt for solar power will also benefit financially. Their power bills will reduce by anywhere from 30 per cent to 70 per cent. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have played an active role in thousands of households switching over to solar power and reaping financial benefits. The population of Bardon can also be beneficiaries of the solar power switch.

  • Every single ray of sunlight that lands on your roof top has the potential to generate electricity for your household;
  • Every such ray of sunshine also has the power to reduce the financial impact of your electricity bill;
  • More than 1.6 million Australian households have made their choice. They have chosen solar power and are daily enjoying the benefits. You too can make the most of these benefits by going in for Solar Power Bardon;
  • Solar Power Bardon is a renewable energy resource. The solar power system generates electricity through its photo voltaic cells. The term photo (light) and voltaic (a reference to electrical power) conveys that meaning. The system transforms light into electricity. That is why there is no electricity bill to be paid. Because the only resource required for production of electricity is sunlight and that is a free resource.
  • Relying on the electricity generated from the rays of he sun also keeps the environment safe from pollution;


    How Is Electricity Produced

  • The photons which are present in the rays of the sun are absorbed by the solar panels;
  • The silicon in the panels and the semi conductors convert the photons into direct current;
  • This direct current is fed through a wire into an inverter;
  • The inverter converts the direct current into an alternating current;
  • The inverter supplies electricity produced through Solar Power Bardon to your household circuit;
  • Additional electricity generated, that is not required for your household consumption, is fed into the grid and you are compensated for the electricity supplied;
  • Whenever your household needs more electricity than that which is being supplied by your solar power system, you can draw power from the grid;


Among all the continents of the world, it is Australia that receives the highest average solar radiation per square metre. Bardon is among the sunny places in Australia. Start now and enjoy a lifetime of Solar Power Bardon through the rising of many suns

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