Solar Power Auchenflower

Solar Power Auchenflower – The Sun Is High


Early development is still at play in Auchenflower. This is the best time to go with Solar Power Auchenflower. Use a natural resource: the sun, to cater to all your requirements of electricity. Sunlight can provide you with enough electricity to run your household lights and appliances every day. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will show you how to make this a reality.


About Auchenflower

Auchenflower is a small suburb of Brisbane located around 2.5 kilometres from the Brisbane Central Business District. The town is situated by the side of the Brisbane River. Still relatively unspoilt, Auchenflower can stay that way by using Solar Power Auchenflower for generating electricity. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will support this endeavour.


Use Of Solar Power

Australia is fast climbing to the top of the world charts in the use of solar power. Each year, households in Australia, install among the highest number of solar panels in the world on their roof tops. Around 400,000 new household solar power systems were installed. This data reveals great sensitivity among householders in Australia to the need to discontinue the use of pollution creating carbon based fuels. Solar Power Auchenflower is a progressive initiative which will help preserve nature in all its existing beauty for the benefit of the future generations.


Growth Of Solar Power

From the year 2009 to the year 2014, the number of roof top solar panels in Australia increased more than tenfold. That growth apart, the gratifying feature of the data is that this increase is showing no sign of abating. The increase is continuing to happen notwithstanding the fact that the incentives for installation of solar panels have been steadily cut back over the past few years. Assuming that the average size of an Australian household is 2.5 persons, the data reveals that more than 4 million Australians live in a house or work in a business which has chosen to power its electricity needs with solar power. There is every reason for Solar Power Auchenflower to be a part of th solar power movement.


Focus on residences

All over most of the developed world, the focus of policy makers and of the solar power companies is on commercial deployment of solar power. Australia is a major exception. The focus in Australia is on spreading awareness and looking for the support of the average Australian for increasing generation of electricity through solar systems. That is what accounts for the huge number of solar installations in residences in the suburbs. Solar Power Auchenflower must also be a leader.




Future Development

Solar Power Auchenflower is sparsely populated. Presently, its population is just around 6,000 persons. There is, however, a likelihood that future development will lead to an influx of people into the suburb. This is more than likely given its proximity to the city of Brisbane. AT that time there will be a rapid growth in real estate development to house the increasing population. The property development should integrate Solar Power Auchenflower at the conceptual stage itself. That would contribute to positive impact on the environment.


The sun is high in the sky. Now is the time to seize the moment. Be clean. Go green with Solar Power Auchenflower

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