Solar Power Ashgrove

Solar Power Ashgrove – Bright Days


Get ready to strike out on a new path with Solar Power Ashgrove. Solar power is the future of electricity generation. The heat from the rays of the sun pack enough power to meet all our requirements of electricity. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have the wherewithal to show you the way to solar self sufficiency.


Ashgrove briefly

Ashgrove is a suburb of the city of Brisbane. Ashgrove is located around 4 kilometers north west of the Brisbane Central Business District. This suburb completed 150 years of proud existence in the year 2006. Ashgrove is characterized mostly by typical stand alone houses of Queenslander type. A combination of such old world charm with the latest rage, Solar Power Ashgrove, would be really eclectic.


Solar Power For Your Homes

There is plenty of literature available about the free power available from the sun. And it is all for real. But you need a professional service provider to make sure that you get the best equipment and the most lucrative long term benefits. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have executed innumerable assignments for installation of solar power systems for residential properties. Professional services and customer friendly dealings are the hallmark of Queensland Solar and Lighting Company. When it comes to installation of Solar Power Ashgrove you can place your trust in Queensland Solar and Lighting Company.


Solar Power Ashgrove

The latest data reveals that households in Australia have installed among the largest number of solar panels in the world. This statement is based on the recent data made available by the Clean Energy Regulator and the International Energy Agency. Are you among those households which have installed Solar Power Ashgrove? Or, are you being left behind? One of the best ways to protect the beauty of your leafy surroundings, clean hilly beauty and Ashgrovian houses is to opt for Solar power. Remember that Solar Power Ashgrove is clean and green. The continued use of fossil fuels to electrify your residences, schools, colleges, places of worship, shopping centres, commercial establishment, et al, cannot but jeopardise the surrounding environment and the beauty of such a lovely suburb.


Ashgrove Infrastructure

Solar Power Ashgrove can even be harnessed to provide electricity for all your education, cultural, entertainment and social establishments. The 75 years old Marist College, Ashgrove, Ashgrove State School, Mater Dei Catholic Primary School, St. Finbarr’s Primary School, Oakleigh State School and Mt. St. Michael’s College could all shine with Solar Power Ashgrove.


Other Facilities

The possibilities of using Solar Power Ashgrove are limitless. In Australia the widest use of solar power is by individual homes. But that does not imply that solar power has no commercial applications. Solar power
has immense scope for installation even for business establishments. All your restaurants – Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and local – and cafes could easily go the solar power way. So also your shopping centres such as Coles, Aldi and Woolworth’s, not to mention your public library. .


Maximize the benefits of sunlight and enjoy bright days with Solar Power Ashgrove.

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