Solar Power Anstead

Solar Power Anstead – Light From The Sky


It was the 1860s when John Anstead first settled in Anstead. He would not have imagined that day when lights would be powered by Solar Power Anstead. But today that has become a possibility. The heat from the sunlight can be transformed into electricity to meet all household requirements. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has the technical know-how to show you how sunlight can meet your requirements of electricity through Solar Power Anstead.


About Anstead

Anstead is a small town located around 10 miles equivalent to approximately 16 kilometres from Brisbane. The town is situated on the banks of the Brisbane River. The town is relatively unspoilt and every effort must be made to preserve its innocence with clean and green Solar Power Anstead. With a meagre population of just around 2,000 people there is considerable scope for growth and development of the tow. But the development should be environment friendly.


Solar Power

Solar Power Anstead is one of the best ways to reduce your electricity costs. This is also a wonderful way to generate electricity without damaging the environment. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company can assist you in identifying exactly the right solar solutions for your requirements and also install the system for you. Installation of Solar Power Anstead can help you to reduce your electricity bill by 30 per cent and more.


Help For Solar Power Anstead

  • Your electricity needs will be carefully assessed and the right system will be recommended and installed for you;
  • If you are at the building stage, your future electricity requirement will be assessed upfront and the system for Solar Power Anstead will be dovetailed with your construction plans;
  • If you are an existing home owner, your present and near future electricity requirement will be calculated and the appropriate solar system will be recommended for installation.
  • The recommendation will be made so as to provide you with the maximum long term benefits. This will take into account both the financial savings from adopting solar power and also the value addition to your home;
  • If you own a heritage home, the design and layout of the system to generate Solar Power Anstead will take into account the aesthetics of your heritage home;
  • You can rest assured about complete transparency in the transaction and the supply of the best products for the best prices.
  • In the event that any incentives and discounts are available on the capital cost of the equipment, you will be made aware and assisted for obtaining the benefit of such incentives;
  • The installation will be executed by fully trained, accredited and licensed field staff;
  • The products which are supplied you will come along with across the board guarantees and back up of local service support from qualified technical personnel;
  • The warranties will be for the product and the performance of the equipment;
  • You will be provided with long term after sales support for routine maintenance and breakdowns;
  • All contractual terms related to warranties will be scrupulously fulfilled.



Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have a reputation for customer satisfaction and high quality installations. Be at the vanguard of the movement and choose Solar Power Anstead.

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