Solar Power Tivoli

Solar Power Tivoli – A Sunny Day


There is enormous potential for generation of electricity through Solar Power Tivoli. Sunny days are the norm and sunlight is the only input required for generation of electricity from a solar PV system. When such a boon is available, where is the need to encourage the use of traditional fuel. We are all aware of the devastation caused by mining, excavation and burning of coal, gas and petroleum. Let’s put a stop to that.


About Tivoli

Tivoli is a suburb of the city of Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. It is located around 3 kilometres from Ipswich and 40 kilometres from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. Homes in Tivoli could benefit from the installation of Solar Power Tivoli. Solar power is not an exotic creature. The working of solar power is simple, clean, green and financially beneficial to home owners


How to Start

The rays of sun can be captured for generation of clean electricity through Solar Power Tivoli. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will supply you with solar equipment of international standards. Concurrently, they will also provide you with customer friendly and high quality service. Here’s a look at how sunlight generates electricity.


About Solar Power

  • Solar Power Tivoli uses photo voltaic cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity;
  • Sunlight contains photons (particles of sunlight). These photons contain different amounts of energy depending upon their wavelengths. Thus, the energy contained in infrared, ultraviolet and visible rays are varied;
  • When a photon strikes the surface of a solar panel it could (i) pass through the glass panel, or, (ii) be reflected back into the atmosphere, or, (iii) be absorbed by the panel;
  • Only the photons that are absorbed by the cells in the glass panels can generate electricity from Solar Power Tivoli;
  • The photons that directly strike the cells do so at extremely high speed (all photons travel at very high speeds). Remember that these photons are covering the distance of 93 million miles from the surface of the sun to the earth in just around 8 minutes;
  • The photons smash electrons free from the atoms which are housing them;
  • The freed electrons flow to the surface of the solar panel;
  • This movement of the electrons creates an imbalance between the upper and lower surfaces of the solar panels – there being a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other;
  • This results in the generation of a direct current from Solar Power Tivoli;
  • The fixed direct voltage is carried through cables to an inverter;
  • The inverter converts the fixed direct voltage into an alternating, oscillating voltage. This conversion is essential because all home wiring is built to run on alternating current. The world over, all household appliances are also designed to function on alternating current;
  • The alternating current is supplied from the inverter to a distribution box located within the household;
  • From the distribution box, the current is supplied to all the switchboards for use as Solar Power Tivoli



Lead the way forward by choosing to generate electricity from Solar Power Tivoli.


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