REC Solar panels Special Price in Brisbane


Are you wanting a solar system in Brisbane with the latest REC Twin Peak panels with the Best inverter on the market, the Austrian Fronius Primo?

QLD Solar & Lighting is proud to announce that we have accumulated a good deal on REC panels. You can read about what we have had to say about REC panels in the past here.

REC Twin Peak Solar panels Brisbane


REC Panels are NOT Made in China!

You will be please to know that our REC panels are NOT MADE IN CHINA, but Made in Singapore! This helps to ensure you are getting fantastic build quality, and at our price we offer to Brisbane and Gold Coast consumers, you can be confident that you are getting the best deal on offer at the moment.

Click to read about the REC panels made in Singapore

The latest REC panels are quite an improvement on REC panels that have been produced in the past, The REC Twin Peak series solar panels are just awesome.

Watch the video below to learn how the unique design helps fight against shading. The REC Twin Peak panels use PERC technology, click here to learn more about PERC technology and why it is the best out there right now.


Main Benefits are;

  • Split Cell Technology
  • Perc Module
  • More efficient than other modules under shady conditions
  • PID Free
  • Manufactured in Singapore
  • Financially sound business


Pricing – REC Twin Peak 280w with Fronius Primo inverter System

Silver Frame panels


5.04kw System – 18 panels


6.16kw System – 22 panels


6.44kw System – 23 panels 



Detailed info on REC Twin Peak Panels


REC panels Spec Sheet Download


REC Superior Warranty details

REC Warranty TwinPeak



3 Replies to “REC Solar panels Special Price in Brisbane”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to get a price for 6 maybe 7 of the REC panels you have on offer. Just want to replace my existing under performing ones.
    Regards Paul

  2. David Bull 3 years ago

    Looking for a price on 13 rec panels to add to the 13 x 230 watt rec panels I already have.

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