Solar Panels Victoria

Everyone is wanting Good quality Solar Panels Victoria installed. We also offer to sell and install Solar Power systems to many customers in the Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.


Not only do we install Solar Systems in Gold Coast, Ashmore, Coolangatta and Nerang, but we also install solar panels Victoria. We offer our whole system range in special cash prices and also on finance.

Solar panels Victoria
solar power system installed in Victoria

When considering installing Solar PV in Victoria you should always consult with your Energy Retailer. Whilst Energy retailers are a good source of information when it comes to asking questions about good value solar systems in Moe or any other town in regional Victoria, please be careful as the retailers will try and stitch you up with their own install crew, and in fact, try and sell you a solar system.

While this is not all bad, the Energy Retailers around Australia have been known to outsource and sub-contract much of their install work. It is probably not a good idea to have a company that relies on sub-contractors to carry out the solar power install in Dandenong.


We believe True Value Solar Melbourne has sold a lot of solar systems in Victoria. There has been a tonne of information written about True Value Solar on the internet lately.

The good news is that Queensland Solar and Lighting have teamed up with a local Victorian Solar power company that can offeryou the best solar panels Victoria has to offer.

Solar panels Victoria German
We Install German Solar power systems and solar panels in Melbourne and Surrounding Victoria areas.

Please click here to get a FREE SOLAR POWER QUOTE (please let us know you are from Victoria) if you live in Melbourne, or the area of Rural Victoria – Riddels Creek, Malvern, Bulla, Sunbury, Dunolly, Avoca, Castlemaine or any other nearby Suburb. We will promptly organise a free solar power quote for your home or Commercial solar system for your Business.


You will be pleased to know that the qualified and confident Solar Assessor will come to your house prepared to measure your roof, offer you award winning European Solar Panels and Inverters, Give advice on what size system is needed, and offer you a Certegy Finance plan if needed.


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