German Solar Systems Brisbane and Gold Coast


Are you the type of person that only expects the best for your house you so proudly call it your ‘Castle’. That it’s not even your home, but it is in fact your CASTLE? Well we here at Queensland Solar and Lighting would believe that you too would only expect the best solar system, panels and inverter installed on your Castle, are we right? This means you want a German Solar Systems Brisbane.


If you are they type of person who believes that nothing good at all comes out of China then rest-assured, there is still a chance for you to put a German Solar Systems Brisbane on your roof!

Despite the fact that the Hindenburg went down and the Great Wall Of China is still standing, you STILL want a German Solar System, even though they will cost you a fair bit more when it comes to the price of a solar PV system.. EVEN THOUGH the Chinese INVERTER is Magnificent in quality and OFFERS THE SAME 5 year inverter warranty as standard as the $1500 Dearer GERMAN SMA INVERTER..


Don’t worry, we also have YOU covered!


We recommend the German made WINAICO SOLAR PANELS matched with the German Made SMA INVERTER as the best German solar systems Brisbane you can buy in Australia.



If you haven’t already heard of the German SMA Inverter in your quest for solar system knowledge I can almost guarantee this is the first web site you have come across in your solar power research.
I can confidently say this, as near enough ANYONE with an opinion on solar systems and installation will soon tell you that this is the best inverter you can buy. (while we don’t disagree with them, we can definitely NOT AGREE that this is worth the extra $1500 upgrade) If you knew what we knew… Very similar failure rates to the JFY inverter.

If I was getting a German Solar Systems Brisbane – You could bet your bottom dollar that the SMA Sunny boy would be included.


The Best German Panels in Australia

The Winaico Solar Panels are a phenomenal solar panel but don’t take our word for it. Winaico recently came first in a Desert Knowledge yield result test in our own backyard. That’s right. The Winaico Solar panels came first out of all the different type of solar panels tested in Alice Springs I believe. The Winaico Solar panels cells are made in Germany, the rest is assembled in Taiwan. Winaico Solar make a very impressive German Solar Panel.
The Winaico Solar panels have also previously been front runners in recent Photon yield result testing in Germany also… WOW – Talk about a QUALITY SOLAR PANEL!


If building and designing a German Solar systems Brisbane, you would be mad to overlook the Winaico Solar panels with Cells made in Germany.


This is a very popular system, the SMA SUNNY BOY Inverter coupled perfectly with the WINAICO Solar PV Panels. We sell this to everyone who ONLY WANT THE VERY BEST SOLAR SYSTEM money can buy.
Gold Coast  – German Solar Systems Brisbane – PRICING


5kw Solar System Made in Germany – $8995

6kw Solar System Made in Germany – $9995

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