LED High Bay Lights

We sell all types of LED High Bay Lights at our warehouse in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Queensland Solar and Lighting has fitted out many commercial shop fronts, and industrial work places in the South East Qld Region.

LED high bay lights
We have a vast range of LED High Bay lights in stock in our Brisbane and Gold Coast Warehouses


Because they are cheaper to run! Not only that, we are now seeing them brighter than what they have now made redundant.

How much cheaper are they to run?

We are talking about replacing an existing high bay light of 400 watts, and now having its newer LED cousin put in place doing the same job, but running at an efficient 150 Watts. That’s 250 Watts less power. If you replace 4 of these, this means that you are now using 1kw per hour less of power! do this 40 times and you are using a MASSIVE 10 kw less power in the hour. Surely you big shed owners, I don’t have to do the maths for you big Industrial shed owners, what the maths is on replacing 100 standard high bay lights with newer and more efficient LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS would be, do I? Come on, it’s a no-brainer!

This Guy will tell you how much better LED Lights are.

Often we hear from small to medium businesses around the Brisbane area call us up and want a quote on solar power. Yet when we visit them we see that they have a million old high bay lights running in their workshop. Half of them are blow with the biggest cobwebs on them you have ever seem. I asked a local Gold Coast business owner one day, “why have you only got every 2nd one on, are they blown?”

“yeah, they actually are, but we can’t afford to replace them, as they COST TOO MUCH TO RUN… and the fact that they are blowing all the time!”

We sell these LED High Bay lights!


LED high bay lights
Look how much better these modern LED Lights look!

Well guess what? There is an alternative would you believe… replace them with some new LED High Bay Lights. They are more than twice as cheap to run and last a staggering 5 times longer!


Call us today on 07 56 36 36 92 or email qldsolarandlighting@gmail.com to get a quote on your existing LED High Bay Lights today.

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