Commercial lighting in Brisbane

Queensland Solar & Lighting is the best to contact for Commercial Lighting Brisbane. We have equipped many businesses in Queensland and NSW with new LED Lights and large Solar power systems. They are constantly telling us how much better they are for the experience and are happy at having done so.

commercial lighting brisbane
QLD rail network is HOOKED UP when it comes to Commercial lighting Brisbane


We specialise in replacing your old T5 and T8 and exisiting fluoroscent HIGH BAY Lights. We are Queenslands number 1 LED light provider and enjoy fitting out Commercial Lighting Brisbane.

This study shows how much power a T8 tube uses 

Recently we installed a CHEAPA AUTO SPARES shop on the Gold Coast. We hooked him up with 10kw of Perlight Solar Panel and 2 JFY inverters. We replaced all the T5 and T8 Fluro tubes in there. The Manager is ringing us up and asking when we can do his second shop for and do a Commercial Lighting Brisbane fit-out again.

Most people dont know that when they are in Business, 70% of their electricity bill will come from Commercial lighting Brisbane. If you can bring your Lighting cost down by 75%, which you can do easily with installing LED lights in replace of your old current lighting. Your Commercial Lighting Brisbane billing component will come down from a 70% share, to as low as 30%. How bloody good is that?

But I cannot afford Commercial Lighting Brisbane?

Did you know that most of our Commercial Lighting Brisbane customers also said the same thing! Until we showed them what we can do with 5 year leasing and finance options we have available to them. IT TURNS OUT THEY ARE GETTING THEIR COMMERCIAL LIGHTING BRISBANE FOR FREE!

Commercial Lighting Brisbane
Commercial Lighting financing. This shows how much profit there is in installing LED LIght’s compared with Solar for business. Everyone can afford it with our finance and lease options also

With the commercial leasing programs we have in place, we set the repayments so slow that you actually save money with installing more expensive lights, as the lights will save you more money than it costs for the repayments on them.

Basically, you’d sign up to something that costs you 20% a year, but saves you 50% per year… that’s a profit of 30% per annum.

If your business is in need of a cheaper energy solution and wants a quote on a Commercial solar power system or LED light replacement, please give us a call on 07 5636 3692 or email

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