High Bay LED Lights Brisbane



Replace those COSTLY, HOT, DIM LIGHTING,EXPENSIVE 400 Watt Existing High bay LED lights Brisbane and anywhere in Queensland.

We have helped many businesses in Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland, and Northern NSW save money on their Energex or Ergon Power Bill. We can help over 95% of businesses out with their power bills, but we have found Business owners be too ignorant to even care to look at what options are available to them. Click here to see what LED Lights for Commercial Businesses look like.

We show some QLD Businesses our LED Lights Brisbane, and explain to them how we can get over a 50% R.O.I for them in some circumstances, EASILY! – But find they are too busy trying HARD to improve their profit by just 10% on a single service or item – CRAZY – Talk to us!

High Bay LED Lights Brisbane

Reasons to swap over to LED for your Business

  • Get more light from your lights – Our 150 watt lights are brighter than your existing 400watt


  • $$$ – Save MONEY! your only using 150watts per hour,per light. Not 400



  • Replace your Lights less often – LED technology lasts 5 times longer


  • Your building won’t get so hot from all that excess energy, put out as HEAT from back of light!

How much will you save?


If your building has just 10 x 400 watt Highbay lights in it, and they are running 10 hours a day from Monday to Friday for 50 weeks a year, this is the scenario


100 hours of lighting per day,

x this by 5 days per week = 500 hours

x this by 50 weeks per year = 25,000 hours of High Bay lighting


 Are buying High Bay LED Lights Brisbane worth it?

If you are charged .30c per kw/hr for your power. 10 x 400 Watt High bays (4kw) are costing you $1.20 per hour to run, but if you were to switch these to 10 x 150 Watt LED High Bay lights, this is only 1.5kw. Therefore would only be costing you 45 cents to run per hour.


That’s a 75 cents saving in the first hour and a $7.50 saving a day.


In your first year thats, $1875 saved on electricity!


10 x Highbay LED lights Brisbane will only cost you $5,500 inc GST


That’s a R.O.I (Return On Investment) of over 35% without taking into other beneficial factors, such as,




MAINTENANCE SAVINGS (Not replacing Lamps as often)


COOLER WORKSHOP (wont be needing AC or Fans as much)


ENERGY PRICE INFLATION (Price of Energy is going up over 10% a year!!)


Give us a call today, and we will do a free Energy Assessment on your business. We love to save you money and hook you up with the best High Bay LED LIGHTS Brisbane and the Gold Coast regions have to offer. Say hello and send a scanned copy of your electricity bill to sales@queenslandsolarandlighting.com or call us on 07 56 36 36 92 or 0411 348 400


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