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Has the Australian Public Really Stopped Buying Tesla and EV Cars?

Hey everyone, Kempy here, CEO of Queensland Solar and Lighting. Today, we’re diving into a hot topic that’s been making waves in the media. Are EVs, particularly Teslas, really flopping in Australia?

Media Reports and Public Perception

Recently, the media has been abuzz with claims that EVs are failing. Headlines like “Horror News for Tesla Owners” and “EV Bubble Burst” are common. Is this a coordinated hit job or a genuine market trend? Let’s explore.

Concerns About EVs

  • High Costs: EVs are expensive, often double the price of ICE vehicles.
  • Build Quality: Questions about how well they are built.
  • Longevity: Concerns about how long they last.
  • Fire Hazards: EV fires are difficult to control.
  • Charging Costs: The cost of electricity for charging is a concern.
  • Insurance: Higher insurance premiums for EVs.

Sales Decline

A recent report by Seven News highlighted a backlog of unsold Teslas in Port Melbourne. Sales slumped 44% in April despite significant price cuts. This suggests that even lower prices aren’t enough to attract buyers.

Personal Perspective

As someone in the renewable energy industry for 15 years, I see both sides. Many in the solar industry love EVs, but others, like myself, are cautious. There are many unknowns about EVs that make traditional ICE vehicles still appealing.

Health Concerns

Some people, including myself, experience electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMF hypersensitivity). This condition can make driving an EV uncomfortable. There are also reports of other drivers developing similar sensitivities.

EMF Hypersensitivity

This rare condition causes sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. For some, EVs exacerbate this issue, leading to discomfort and health problems.

Market Implications

The decline in EV sales could impact government targets. Australia’s goal of 50% EV market share by 2030 seems unrealistic given the current 7%. Poor charging infrastructure and fluctuating resale values add to the uncertainty.

Future of EVs

Despite the current slump, Tesla remains optimistic. They claim it’s business as usual. However, the market’s reaction and government policies will play crucial roles in the future of EVs in Australia.

Final Thoughts

What do you think? Are you considering buying an EV, or do you prefer ICE vehicles? The debate is far from over, and it’s an exciting time to watch how this plays out in the automotive market.

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