Solar Powered Suburban haven of Thagoona

Solar Powered Suburban haven of Thagoona


Thagoona is a small suburb of the city of Ipswich located about 11 miles from the center of the city. Thagoona, with a population of about a 1000 individuals is prime real estate for people looking to buy larger suburban homes and commute to the bigger cities for work. It is the candidate in our study for solar power in Thagoona.

  • Location – Bordered by Mount marrow and Tallegalla to the north, Rosewood and Amberley to the west, Walloon to the east and Ebenezer to the south, Thagoona is about 11 miles from the city of Ipswich and about 36 miles from the Brisbane Central District. The Rosewood Thagoona road runs right through the middle of this locality, as does the Rosewood line which runs parallel to this road. Thagoona has a railway station on this line which has regular trains to the city of Ipswich and Brisbane.


  • Climate – As with most places in southeast Queensland, Thagoona enjoys consistent sunshine throughout the year. And hence is a good candidate for solar power.


  • Real Estate – Thagoona is a highly sought after locality for real estate because of its proximity to Ipswich. Most of the real estate development is in independent housing with open yards as this area is prime location for suburban housing. Average houses tend to go for over 350,000 Australian dollars. Most of the homes in this area are owned by small families and hence are good candidates for solar power.


  • Potential – Since most of the properties in this area are owned by younger families, it has a huge incentive for converting to solar power. Families who want to live here would especially want to reduce consumption from the conventional power grid to keep costs down. Most of the newer residential real estate already offer solar paneling. Some of the older houses have also switched due to cost considerations.


Real estate developers are looking at this area with keen interest. In the past decade alone the property prices have increased steadily and they seems to be on the up still. With newer homes and properties coming up solar power development in this area is a surety.

Individual homes have the incentive of cost cutting. If new homes come up solar power can be put as an inclusive option. This will allow the owners to move into a property which already has the option of non-conventional power along with power from the grid. Owners can switch back and forth from the power grid as and when necessary, according to their consumption.

Solar power in Thagoona has the potential to reduce power consumption from the grid to a minimum. As suburban homes all requirements, especially with improved technology can power all the domestic needs. Since there are no commercial or heavy industrial estates in this area, with prudent planning the requirement from thermal powered sources can be completely eliminated overtime.

Since the neighboring areas of Ipswich and Ripley are about to grow exponentially, people would come to Thagoona looking for a peaceful suburb. As a result, real estate is all set to proliferate in the next few years. If Solar power in Thagoona rises with its real estate, the carbon footprint of the area can be controlled and even lowered.

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