solar power in Tallegalla

Tallegalla, a vast open country for solar power


A land of acreage and large wide and spread farms, Tallegalla, is one of the distant localities of the city of Ipswich. The potential for solar power in Tallegalla is discussion of this study.

  • Location – Tallegalla is situated about 16 miles from the city of Ipswich and about 40 miles from Brisbane central business district. Talegalla has borders with the localities of Marburg, Ashwell, Rosewood, Minden, Mount Marrow and Woolshed. The northernmost part of Tallegalla’s border runs close to the Warrego highway, close to where it intersects with the localities of Marburg and Minden


  • Topography – Most of the area is a combination of grass and scrubland. The terrain is mostly flat with an exception being the Little Liverpool range, which lies on the western part of Tallegalla. Here the landscape is elevated with a few mountains and hills jutting out. The land here is also covered by scrubs with denser concentrations of woods and local trees. Due to the abundance of open spaces Solar Power in Tallegalla has a good future if tapped into properly.


  • Population – According to the most recent census Tallegalla has a total population of 549 individuals. In the early days most of the settlers came in here to set up agricultural, dairy and timber farms. However as these industries fell out of favor the old settlers left. Most of the people here have farms by the acre and the farms here especially are quite large.


Like most places situated in the southeast of Queensland, Tallegalla has ample sunshine throughout the year. Hence there is enough sun to promote or develop solar power in the area.

There are too few individual homes to cater or encourage solar power on a big scale. Another challenge is the farms being too big and sparse, resulting in the power requirement much smaller than surrounding areas.

The scope of solar power in Tallegalla is however on an industrial or commercial scale. If portions of some of the larger farms can be put together, then a large array of solar panels can be installed and a power generation unit set up which could supply the surrounding areas with good chunk of electricity derived from clean and renewable sources.

With Queensland generating most of its electricity from coal and gas powered plants it is an imperative to develop large scale solar power. Another point to note is that Queensland has an oversupply of electricity. With the help of modern solar power technology that produces electricity to its optimum capacity, the need for conventional power can be reduced to a minimum or all together eliminated, at least for domestic and smaller power consumption uses.

As Australia moves on with tougher green reforms to cut its carbon footprint, it is of utmost importance to consider solar power and implement it prudently. Areas around Ipswich and the greater Brisbane area is set to grow monumentally in the coming few decades. They are going to need power, which needs to be provided to them without adding more greenhouse gases to our planet.

With solar power in Tallegalla, especially on a commercial scale,
a lot of this can be easily achieved.

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