Solar Powered Ironbark

Solar Powered Ironbark


About 32 miles from Brisbane lies Ironbark, a suburb of Ipswich. Ironbark was named formally only in 2000 as it is an area mostly deserted and was considered part of the neighboring areas. In lieu of this, solar powered Ironbark is a study that briefly outlines the possibilities of solar power in this area.

Ironbark has a population of only 846, most of which are comprised of inmates incarcerated in a correctional facility in the area. The Borallon Correctional Centre started in 1990 and currently houses over 550 inmates and the support staff required to run it and hence are the major contributor to its population. The area is very similar to the neighboring areas of Marburg and Haigslea and hence has similar characteristics

  • Development – There aren’t any major real estate developments being planned here. However because of its proximity to Ipswich and also to Brisbane it has the potential to become a big suburb or at least a satellite suburb like the rest of the surrounding areas. As it currently holds a correctional facility, there is understandable unwillingness to push forward for real estate developments.
  • Feasibility – Located in the southeast part of Queensland it enjoys the same benefits as the areas surrounding it. Plenty of consistent sunshine throughout the year makes it an ideal candidate for solar power. It consists of a few agricultural farms strewn about. Some of these farms already employ solar power as it cuts down on the cost of long term power cost.

Point to be considered however that is the facility is run by a private sector firm by the authority of the Queensland government. In the future that itself may expand requiring more power. Also the current facility can take advantage of solar power in Ironbark to minimize or curtail dependence on the conventional grid. The fact that it is a private correctional facility establishes the requirement for lowering costs in the long run and this could be a good cost reduction area for the firm.

Although as a residential and commercial area it is not a readily available option, because it is a suburb of a town like Ipswich it can offer great growth potential. The topography of the area is also similar to that of neighboring areas as mentioned above and has similar features. It also gets an abundant amount of sunshine throughout the year.

Another very important factor is that Ironbark is accessible directly via two highways on its north and south boundaries all of which can contribute to quicker development. On the north eastern side the Brisbane highway marks the end of Ironbark while the southern boundary is marked by the Warrego highway. Transportation can be quick and easy as access to two main highways makes it easy to access.

All of this depends on how the local government handles the development of the land in this area and what, if any plans they have for the same. If solar power in Ironbark can be implemented, it can be lucrative business as it can keep power costs down in the long run. This in turn will allow more growth.






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