Solar Power in Lanefield

Solar Power in Lanefield, Queensland


Located about 35 miles from Brisbane central business district, Lanefield is a quiet suburb between the stations of Rosewood and Grandchester on the Rosewood railway line. This study of Solar Power in Lanefield attempts to gauge the potential for solar power requirement in this area.

Lanefield is a sparsely populated area with farms being a predominant feature, although suburban homes with large open areas are also present. Lanefield serves as the suburb for people who would want to get away from the rush of the big city, to escape to live in big wide open spaces. This is a particular interest area for developing solar power in Lanefield as there is good potential here in the residential areas.

Population – A major section of the people living here own residential farms with minimal agriculture. There are also a few horse and animal stables. The population is split almost equally by one third each among older couples and their families, newer couples and families coming into the area for the farm living experience and elderly couples settling down in a suburban environment after retirement. The lure is always about living in an open landscape and still being close enough to a big city.

Location – Lanefield is situated about 35 miles from Brisbane and about 20 miles from Ipswich. To its north lies the locality of Tallegalla, to the south Mount Mort, to the west lies Calvert and to the east Rosewood. The Rosewood Laidley road runs through the center of Lanefield. The Rosewood railway station is very close from this area of lanefield.

Landscape – Lanefield is primarily flat grassland with some instances of scrubland strewn about. It’s a flat expanse, which has contributed to its growth as a farm based real estate area. Although agricultural farms are rare there are a few around. Due to these characteristics, most people have their retreat homes here or are based out of here for animal rearing businesses.

Potential – This area has enormous potential in the field of solar power in Lanefield. Being situated in the southeast of Queensland, it enjoys consistent sunshine throughout the year. Real estate development is already on its way as a lot of medium to big size farm properties have already been developed and sold in this region.

Since there are no big commercial or industrial projects in this areas solar power in Lanefield will primarily be centered on the residential and farm living areas and will have to cater to individual properties. There are already a few homes who have taken the benefit of solar power due to the subsidy provided by the government but it still is on a small scale.

Real Estate developers are looking keenly into this area as a small to medium size farm can fetch upwards of 250,000 Australian dollars.

There has been a recent trend of quite a few families coming to Lanefield for farm living and also some owners want to keep a farm close to a big city like Brisbane. This bodes very well for solar power development in Lanefield, as new owners are likely to invest in solar power to keep costs low in the long run and to also reduce dependence on the power grid.

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