Solar Power West Ipswich

Solar Power West Ipswich – The Rise Of A New Power


Everybody is talking about the rise of a new power, Its Solar Power West Ipswich. Thousands of households across Australia have already installed solar PV systems and are enjoying all the benefits that come with Solar Power West Ipswich. Make the beginning by contacting Queensland Solar and Lighting Company.

The advantages of Solar Power West Ipswich are truly astonishing.


About West Ipswich

West Ipswich is a suburb of Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. It is locate at a distance of only 1.5 kilometres from Ipswich and 41 kilometres from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. Owing to its proximity to the city of Ipswich which is the seat of Local Government Authority, there are encouraging prospects of continued development of the suburb. Development would be rounded nicely if homes and business establishment adopt Solar Power Ipswich.


About Solar Power

  • Solar Power West Ipswich generates electricity by direct conversion of sunlight;
  • There is no input, other than sunlight required for the generation of electricity, The electricity generated and consumed by the household is, therefore, free;
  • The more that a household consumes electricity generated through Solar Power West Ipswich, the lower its consumption of electricity from the grid. The grid supplied electricity being notoriously costly, thi =s reduced consumption results in huge savings for the household;
  • The Federal Government operates the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). Home owners who install eligible saolr power systems through accredited installers are issued Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC). These STC can be transferred to a registered agent (most often the solar power installer will also be an authorised agent);
  • In exchange for the STC, the home owner will get an upfront discount on the value of Solar Power West Ipswich. This discount could be as high as 30 per cent of the quoted price for the equipment;
  • Once the solar power system is up and running, home owners can also look to maximise the benefits available through the Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme of the State Government.
  • The electricity generated through Solar Power West Ipswich that is not immediately consumed by the household flows through the net meter to the grid. At such times the net meter will run backwards;.
  • Whenever electricity from solar power is not available e.g. after sunset, on very cloudy days, in winter, etc, the household will draw electricity from the grid. At such times the net meter (this is a bi-directional meter) will run forward to record the consumption;
  • At the end of the billing cycle, the home owner will receive a bill for the net electricity consumed from the grid;
  • Most often, home owners in Australia, receive credits in their bills for ht enet electricity supplied to the grid. These credit permit home owners to consume electricity from the grid during the next one year without making any payment to the extent of the credit value;
  • The sum total of all these financial benefits is that the investment in solar power is recovered within around 6 years;



Experience the advantages of Solar Power West Ipswich like the thousands of existing patrons of solar power.


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