The 10 dumb myths of solar installers

Solar power frequently asked questions and myths

As mentioned in a previous article, I’ve been arranging the installation of a number of solar systems lately. And I like to do them big (the efficient option); I like to get them for the lowest price (within reason, because I want a good job with reasonable quality components); and I like to make sure the economics are understood and that customers are maximising self-consumption while recognising economic value for their exports.

And most importantly to me, I really want the environmental outcomes that come with installing as much solar as possible, displacing both fossil gas burnt on-site and coal and gas-fired power generation from the grid.

In pursuing those aims, I’ve run up against a few myths I get from solar installers that, frankly, have me flummoxed.

I want to buy a product off them. I’ve worked out the solution and then I’m told, ‘no you can’t’.

But in almost every instance –  with much hard work – I’ve managed to convince them it’s just not true, got the system I wanted installed and, ultimately, proved the myth wrong.

Here’s my list of the top 10 solar installer myths. It’s not complete but it covers the main myths.


1) The ‘solargedden’ is coming because there are all these dodgy installations out there from fly-by-nighters

Now, I’ve heard of all these dodgy installs but haven’t really come across too many. I know that in my case I haven’t had anyone try to sell me a stupidly built solar system. My problem is the opposite: installers are foregoing revenue and profits because they won’t sell me a perfectly good solar system even though I’ve modelled it up using the same software they use and I understand exactly how the production will pan out and can relate that to the demand profile of the customer (which I also know).

Number 2 – ‘You can’t install panels facing East and West

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