Solar Power Kuraby

Solar Power Kuraby –  Sunshine All The Year


Kuraby (a place of many springs) is ideally suited to be called Solar Power Kuraby. Kuraby enjoys a sub tropical climate with loads of sunshine. The potential for generating solar power is enormous. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company show you how sunlight can make a real difference in your life.


About Solar Power

Solar Power Kuraby is a renewable, sustainable energy that can transform your way of life. Solar power can light up your home and your community. All that is needed is open areas on the terrace of your home or facility. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will take care of the rest.


 solar power

Solar panels – moncrysatlline or polycrystalline will be installed on the terrace. These solar panels are embedded with photovoltaic cells. The cells absorb the heat from the rays of sunshine which fall on them. The radiated heat is transferred to the semi-conductor chip.

Production of electricity

The semi conductor chip in the cell gets agitated and creates a high voltage across the ends of the cell. That generates a direct current. The direct current is converted into an alternating current by an inverter. The alternating current is then transmitted to Solar Power Kuraby fixtures and appliances.


What happens at sunset?

The excess power produced is stored in batteries from where electricity is drawn after sunset. The capacity of the solar system to be installed is carefully calibrated. It takes into account the amount of electricity required to meet post-twilight power needs for Solar Power Kuraby.


Solar Power For The Community

Solar Power Kuraby would be an advisable proposition for even the State school, places of worship and community centre. Queensland Power and Lighting Company has substantial experience in installation of utility solar systems.


Why Solar Power?

The availability of sunlight throughout the year makes harnessing of solar power a practical proposition. Solar power is not only relatively inexpensive but also more reliable. Even mild sunshine is sufficient to generate electricity. To add to the attraction, governments are also providing rebates and subsidies to encourage adoption of the environment friendly solar power route.



Which Solar Power?

For Solar Power Kuraby, the choice of which equipment to install should be guided by these features.

ü  high quality photo voltaic cells for excellent capture of sun rays;

ü  solar panels with aluminium oxidized frames for a longer life;

ü  vigilant inspection of each semi conductor chip which generates the direct current;

ü  configuration of 3 bus bars to boost power efficiency and cut down on power losses;

ü  customer friendly service and advice born out of first-hand experience;


What is special?

ü  Warranties – A 25 year performance warranty and a 12 year product warranty;

ü  Efficiency – superior level of sunlight absorption;

ü  International Standards – photo voltaic cells which are in conformity with global standards and international certification criteria;

ü  Service support – prompt, customer friendly dealings;

ü  Cost –  economical charges coupled with high quality equipment



Let’s Do It

Solar Power Kuraby you can enjoy the fruits of sunshine all through the year and show the way to your neighbours and Australia.








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