Solar Power in Pine Mountain

Striving for Solar Power in Pine Mountain


An area eponymously named after the type of pine tree that grows in the area, Pine Mountain itself juts out 233 meters above sea level. This area is our subject in the study solar power in Pine Mountain, which will attempt to enumerate the possibilities for solar power in the area.

Location – Pine Mountain is a semi-rural locality just northwest of the city of Ipswich. It is located about 9 miles from the city center of Ipswich and about 30 miles from the Brisbane central business district. To the south it is bordered by the important Warrego highway. The northern and western part of this locality follows the Brisbane River almost in its entirety till Borallon. The location of this area is quite good and has played a part in its steady growth in the past few decades.

History and Population – Pine Mountain started out as an agricultural area in the mid eighteenth century. The community there produced a dairy products, timber and related products and later into cotton and maize agriculture. The town didn’t see rapid growth until the middle of the twentieth century as farm based retreats became popular. The population in 1960 was only about 60 individuals, which has grown to about 1700 individuals in 2011. This growth is a huge encouragement for developing solar power in Pine mountain.

Economy – Although initially a logging town, Pine Mountain has become a farm retreat with historical tourist attractions in the recent past. A lot of nineteenth century style housing still exists here including a church and a community hall. Another attraction here is the topography due to land refuges and bush reserves. There are functioning vineyards in the area which serve both as a place to visit and for prospective farm buyers as a business to develop.

Potential – As mentioned earlier there are quite a few advantages to this area.

  • Close to Ipswich and Brisbane,
  • Place of historical tourism
  • Tourist attractions for topography, vineyards and forest reserves.
  • Land still sold in acreage with option of built houses
  • Possibility of developing vineyards by new buyers

All of the above factors make Pine Mountain a very attractive destination for real estate. This area has shown rapid growth in the past few decades which it will continue to do. With multipronged growth in real estate solar power in Pine Mountain has a good future.

Historical tourist places can be changed over to solar power as they don’t need heavy power consumption. Vineyards and animal rearing farms can also completely run on solar power. Any other power intensive requirement in the area can be shared by both solar power and the power grid.

Real Estates sold by acreage can greatly benefit from the development of solar power in Pine Mountain. Lighting and smaller electrical uses can be run by solar power. Only the heavy electrical demand uses can then go to the conventional power grid, thus lowering costs and consumption in the process.

Some estates in the area have already taken advantage of this exciting prospect of Solar power in pine mountain.

Solar power in pine mountain needs to be examined and efforts taken to implement this on a larger scale.

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