Solar Power in Mudtapilly

Study for Solar Power in Mudtapilly


Mudtapilly is a locality situated about 14 miles from the center of Ipswich, and about 35 miles from the central business district in Brisbane. This study aims to assess the potential for solar power in Mudtapilly, and also look at the infrastructure that already exists there.

  • Location – The name Mudtapilly is derived from the aborigine language known as Yuggera. It literally translates to sticky or muddy gully. Administratively it is split between the regions of city of Ipswich and the scenic rim region. The Cunningham highway which runs south from the city of Ipswich intersects Mudtapilly almost equally in half. The Warrill Creek is situated to the western side of the boundary of this locality.


  • Topography – As with most places in the surrounding areas of Mudtapilly, it primarily consists of flat grassland with some instances of scrubland strewn about. It’s a flat expanse, which has contributed to its growth as a farm based real estate area. Although agricultural farms are rare, there are a few around. Due to these characteristics, most people have their retreat homes here and this is also prime horse country.


  • Climate – Although occasionally struck by thunderstorms, Mudtapilly does receive consistent sunshine throughout the year. There has already been utilization of solar power in Mudtapilly due to the presence of farms. These farms employ various solar panels on smaller scale to fulfill their power needs.


  • Population – Mudtapilly has a small local population and it is more akin to a village. Emigration has caused it to lose populace over the past few decades. As per the last census, it had a population of about 400 individuals.

Since there are no big commercial or industrial projects in this areas solar power in Mudtapilly will primarily be centered on the residential and farm living areas and will have to cater to individual properties. There are already a few homes who have taken the benefit of solar power due to the subsidy provided by the government but it still is on a small scale.

If this area is developed and more farm and retreat housing is promoted then there is a potential for a lote of growth in the field of solar
power in Mudtapilly. As of yet there aren’t any major real state plans, although medium to large sized properties with three bedroom houses and open areas of about 10 to 15 acres command around 500,00 Australian dollars.

Some of these mid to large size properties already employ solar panels as a supplement to the power grid. This helps in reducing costs and also keeps the dependence on conventional power to a minimum.

Solar power in Mudtapilly can develop only when more people consider this area for settlement. Since it hasn’t seen growth in recent years it is difficult for solar power to grow here. If real estate as farm and rural retreats are promoted here, then solar power in Mudtapilly can be developed. It can be pre-installed and offered with newer property development then this incentive will definitely prove to be a winning combination in the future.



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