Solar Power for Mount Forbes

Considering Solar Power for Mount Forbes


Situated about 20 miles southwest of the city of Ipswich, Mount Forbes is a small locality currently divided between the City of Ipswich and the Scenic Rim Region local government areas. This study assesses the feasibility of solar power in Mount Forbes.

Mount Forbes was named after Sir Francis William Forbes, the first chief justice of the supreme court of New South Wales.

  • History – like most rural areas settled in the nineteenth century Mount Forbes was also settled by farming colonies. It flourished for a while into the middle of the twentieth century, however due to urban immigration Mount Forbes fell of the map since the late 1950s.


  • Topography – surrounded by lush green fields on all sides and interspersed with small hilly areas, this is a very sparsely populated area with wide open spaces and grasslands. This is one for the primary reasons that in recent years this area has become known for Horse rearing and breeding farms.


  • Climate – Although there are occasional thunderstorms, the climate here is similar to places in southeastern Queensland. There is consistent sunshine throughout the year.

Since Mount Forbes is about 45 miles from Brisbane and 20 miles from Ipswich it can offer great developmental potential for solar power. Currently known primarily as horse country it can become a tourist retreat or residential escapes from big city life. Mount Forbes used to have its own post office, schools and residences but unfortunately all of that has fallen to the way side due the emergence of bigger city conglomerates like Ipswich and of course ever expanding Brisbane.

Solar power for individual customers with farm property, for farm rearing or residential retreats can be provided here, given that real estate developments are undertaken. As of yet most of these areas around Mount Forbes are open farms and don’t need enough power for solar power development.

If the real estate for farm retreats picks up, then there can be a big potential for solar power in Mount Forbes. People living in the big cities who want to get away from the hustle bustle are prime candidates for buying real estate in this area. If these newer properties are developed ground up then solar power can be developed along with these projects.

There are areas in Mount Forbes where power grid lines are still unavailable and these areas could be targets for solar power. Real estate developers can straight ahead include or give solar power as an option to prospective buyers. This eliminates the need for grid power altogether and can be a solar only facility right from the get go.

The costs for installing a full range solar power system may be initially cost intensive, but it also takes care of the dependence towards power companies bringing grid lines into areas where it would be unfeasible for them. If small sections of Mount Forbes start developing solar farms, it would free the real estate developers and the prospective buyers of only choosing areas with existing conventional power grid lines. Rather, they would be free to select any property they like and then develop it along with the power required to run it.


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