Solar Power for Marburg

Solar Power for Marburg, A friendly town


Situated in the Southeast part of Queensland, Australia, This town was voted as the friendliest town in Queensland in 2008. A township steeped in history and an important gateway to Ipswich and Brisbane is the subject for this study of solar power in Marburg.

Located about 40 miles from Brisbane on the Warrego highway, this township is primary a locality of Ipswich. In the nineteenth century Marburg was initially settled by German settlers. It was honorarily named Marburg after the town of the same name in Germany. Dotted with plantation style houses and farms and mansions all around it is a beautiful place to visit and attracts tourists throughout the year.

  • Economy – As mentioned earlier Marburg was mostly a farming and to a lesser extent a logging community when the German settlers started coming to this area in the late 1800s. The town grew rapidly into the middle of the twentieth century based on the dairy farming and timber industries. This is also a target industry for solar power development in Marburg

    Another factor was the arrival of the old road running through the middle of Marburg which connects Brisbane to Toowoomba. Thus it had become an important stopover for travellers on long journeys. Although dairy farming has declined over the years, people looking for a rural or farm based lifestyle close to cities like Brisbane and Ipswich.

  • Population – Marburg currently has a population of about 400 individuals, although in the heyday of dairy farming in the mid twentieth century, it was well over 700 individuals. The population declined in the late sixties but in recent years has seen a reversal with people coming back.


  • Infrastructure and Real Estate – Marburg is blessed with good infrastructure although its economic importance has dwindled from its past glory days. Good roads within the locality and availability of land and other resources have made it a prime development area for residential purposes. Solar power in Marburg could thus make a huge difference in the further development of the town.

    There are quite a few realtors who are keen on developing the larger area around Marburg, as it can double up as a town with modern amenities yet steeped in history. For people looking to settle there this can bring in tourists which will bring revenue and let them live a good life. Along with this farmlands can be developed as Marburg was originally a farming town.

  • Potential – Real Estate prices are moving up and this is the right opportunity for solar power in Marburg. Since it is an extended part of Ipswich and close to Brisbane, development is definitely on the cards. As a tourist attraction, residential or farm land area, planned Solar power development in Marburg is an imperative.

Solar power in Marburg can drive the existing industries like timber and dairy farming, cut costs for the historical tourism related industries and altogether wipe out the need for newer farming or residential areas being offered. As is with most areas in southeast Queensland, with an abundance of sunshine, solar power cannot be overlooked in the development of Marburg.

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