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Solar Power Durack – Good Morning Sunshine


Good morning to Solar Power Durack. Good morning to your sunshine. Today the sun shines on your roof tops and through your windows. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company can help you do more. The power of the sun should enter every nook and corner of your home.

About Solar Power

Solar power is a form of energy. The frequencies of sunlight are ultraviolet, infrared and visible rays. All these frequencies are captured by tiny photo voltaic cells on solar panels.  The solar heat is converted into electrical energy. This electrical energy can be used to run the lights and all your home appliances. Just imagine! No surfeit of power sockets. And no pollution. You can make your contribution to pollution reduction with Solar Power Durack


Solar Power For The Community

For you, Solar Power Durack, it need not just be about homes. The streetlights on Blunder Road can be run on solar power. And also Durack Primary School, Inala State School and Glenala High School. You can power your homes, your offices, your schools and your railway station. All by harnessing the power of sunlight..


Why Solar Power?

Fossil fuels have been used for the past century and the result has been pollution. All over the world climate change is the subject of animated discussion. But changes have to begin in communities.  Solar Power Durack can help to reduce the pollution.


Think Of The Future

A polluted community is a recipe for deteriorating health conditions and increasing social cost. A pollution free community is quite simply a healthier community and, therefore, a happier community. The way to leave a better future for the generations to come is Solar Power Durack


Which Solar Power?

Queensland Solar and Lighting Company is a solution provider. You can look forward to Solar Power Durack supported by the expertise of Queensland Solar and Lighting Company

ü  Panels which use unique anti reflective coating guaranteed to absorb more sunlight;

ü  Extremely rigorous inspection and testing of each photo voltaic cell;

ü  A configuration of 3 bus bars to ensure augmented power efficiency;

ü  Enhanced tolerance limits to withstand all weather conditions;

ü  An enviable track record of installation of utility solar projects;

ü  Enhanced power production and power output;

ü  25 years performance warranty for the panels;


What is special?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty;

ü  Efficiency – state-of-art-technology for higher levels of sunlight absorption;

ü  Material – Uses best in class material for better efficiency;

ü  Stable Output – Highly weather resistant. Proven to generate output even in reduced sunlight;

ü  International Standards – Solar cells are of the highest quality and meet international certification criteria;

ü  Reputation – Reputation for customer friendly service and high-quality installations;

ü  Economical –  cost effective equipment combined with uncompromising quality and efficiency standards


Let’s Do It

With Solar Power Durack you and your children can say “Good morning sunshine” all through the day and night.







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