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Solar Power Drewvale – Look Out Of Your Window


Look out of your window Solar Power Drewvale. One more day of glorious sunshine.  One more day to sun bathe on your terrace or in your garden. But are you making the most of this daily morning gift of sunshine? Queensland Solar and Lighting Company tells you what you can do with your sunlight.


About Solar Power

Solar Power Drewvale is the future of energy production for your community. This sunlight which warms you in your garden is a source of energy. All it needs is a few square meters on your terrace. The energy produced can light up your house and run all your electrical appliances. Let the sunlight be a part of your home even after the sun sets.


Solar Power For The Community

The solar power will be captured by the solar panels. The heat from the sun is converted into electrical energy and voila! You can power your homes, your offices, your commercial establishments, your school and your hospital. All with the energy proffered to you by the sun.


Why Solar Power?

Conventional forms of energy are already costly. The raw materials for generation of conventional forms of energy are fast depleting. Energy is destined to become prohibitively costly in the future. Solar energy will provide you with a free supply of power. .


Think Of The Future

There is no reason to wait for Solar Power Drewvale. Take advantage of the free supply of energy offered by the sun. The electricity produced from the sunlight during the day is stored in a battery. That continues to supply electrical energy to your home even during the night.


Which Solar Power?

Queensland Solar and Lighting Company offer you a practical solution. This is a solution for Solar Power Drewvale .

ü  You can opt for either monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels;

ü  Every photo voltaic cell is specially tested;

ü  The material supplied for every cell is subjected to stringent quality control checks;

ü  All solar panels are inspected for compliance with global standards;

ü  Increased bus bars generate higher power production and power output;

ü  Design parameters assure performance even in unfriendly weather conditions;

And more for Solar Power Drewvale


What is special?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty;

ü  Efficiency – tempered glass surfaces for higher levels of sunlight absorption;

ü  Cell Power – Reduction of space between bus bars which translates to better power output;

ü  Tolerance limits – It can withstand water exposure and wind pressure,;

ü  Long term relationship – longevity beyond the generation in which it is installed;

ü  Global standards – Solar cells are of the highest quality and meet international certification criteria

ü  Reputation – meticulous material testing of solar cells of the highest quality;

ü  Economical – cost-effective solution. It achieves this without compromising on quality and performance.

The reasons for Solar Power Drewvale are overwhelming


Let’s Do It

The world has begun its movement towards solar power. This is an opportunity to be among the leaders Solar Power Drewvale.








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