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Solar Power Carina – Sunshine Days


Sunshine days could be yours whenever you wish with Solar Power Carina. Solar energy can generate as much electricity as you will need. You need never worry about power shortage. Let Queensland Solar and Lighting Company show you how.


About Carina

Carina is a suburb of the city of Brisbane. It is situated around 7 kilometres to the east of the Central Business District of Brisbane. Carina is well known for its Clem Jones Centre, a large sports complex. Carina is a mostly residential suburb. One of the original residents, Ebenezer Thorne, owned an estate which he had named after his daughter, Kate Carina. It is from here that Carina derived its name.


Growth of Carina

Carina was mostly a rural suburb until after the Second World War. Then a public housing project spurred a sudden growth of housing stock and an increase in the population. In the years to come, there is every likelihood of private housing development booming in Carina. Once that happens, it will be the appropriate time to plan the installation of Solar Power Carina for all the new housing. Existing homes could also be provided with solar power systems. Solar power is an uncomplicated system and financially beneficial too.


About Solar Power

  • The easiest way to understand the basic concept of solar energy is to think of it as the energy emitted by the light of the sun;
  • When the light of the sun is measured on earth, at an angle of 90 degrees, the power works out to 1367 watts per square metre.
  • This quantum of energy is a constant and reliable output on sunny days. Therefore, it is simple to make efficient use of solar energy to generate electricity;
  • The sun is the original source of all the energy in the world. The sun provides us with many hundreds and thousands of times more energy than is needed for all of human consumption. If we could but discover ways in which to harness all the solar energy that is on offer to us, the human race would never want for energy;
  • There are naysayers who express opinions that solar energy is costly, unprofitable and too difficult to use. The plain truth is that, for long year, Solar Power Carina was a neglected field.
  • Empirical evidence reveals that with research and development being stepped up, the cost of systems for Solar Power Carina have reduced by as much as 50 per cent;
  • And improvements in solar technology have resulted in the design and manufacture of panels for Solar Power Carina with a substantially longer life;
  • There has also been a tremendous improvement in the output of electricity generated from the panels for Solar Power Carina over the past decade;
  • Climate change talks at international fora have come around to the view that the survival of the earth’s environment depends critically upon the advancement of renewable energy sources including the growth of Solar Power Carina to generate electricity;


In Conclusion

With Solar Power Carina, you can make the most of sunshine every single day.


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