Solar Power Carina Heights

Solar Power Carina Heights – Shining Down


The lights will shine down on you with Solar Power Carina Heights. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will help you understand the manifold benefits of solar power. Germany, California, USA, Florida, USA are all enjoying the benefits of solar power. Why not you Carina Heights?


About Carina Heights

Caria Heights is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This suburb is situated at a distance of around 8 kilometres to the south-east of the Central Business District of Brisbane. With housing growth a definite prospect in the near future, it is the right time to consider adopting Solar Power Carina Heights. Building the plans for installation of Solar Power Carina Heights at the drawing board stage will give a head start when it comes to actual ground level implementation.


Working of Solar Power

  • Sunlight is converted into electricity through the use of solar photo voltaic (PV) cell technology;
  • Sunlight is captured by the solar panels which are installed on your roof top;
  • The rays of sunlight contain photons (think of photons as particles of sunlight);
  • The solar panels working together with semi conductor chips which are embedded in the panel converts those photons into electrons (these are electrically charged particles);
  • These electrons represent direct current more commonly known by its acronym ‘DC’;
  • The electrons carrying direct current electricity flow out of the solar panels via a cable to an inverter;
  • The inverter converts the direct current (most commonly used in batteries) into alternating current (this is also more commonly known by its acronym ‘AC’);
  • This alternating current is the current which your household needs to run its television, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, etc’;
  • A net energy meter is installed to monitor all the electricity that is generated by your Solar Power Carina Heights;
  • In case any electricity generated by Solar Power Carina Heights is not immediately used by your household, it flows back though the net meter into the local grid;
  • On overcast days when there is not enough sunshine for your Solar Power Carina Heights to generate electricity, your home will consume electricity from the grid;
  • A the end f the billing cycle, your electricity retailer will bill you for the net electricity consumed;
  • In case you supply net electricity to the grid, you will be given a credit in your bill. This credit can be carried forward for a period of one year during which it must be adjusted against consumption of electricity from the grid.
  • You may also be eligible for the issue of Small Scale Technology Certificates from the Federal Government, at the time of incurring the capital expenditure for installation of Solar Power Carina Heights;
  • These STCs can be assigned to the equipment installer who will give you a straight discount on the cost of the equipment. The alternative is to sell the STCs through the STC Clearing House. Most home owners prefer to assign the STCs in favour of the equipment installer.


Let’s Do It

With Solar Power Carina Heights, you will be switched on to green. You will enjoy benefits which you may not have considered in the realms of possibility.






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