Solar Pool Heating- An Inexpensive Luxury

Solar Pool Heating- An Inexpensive Luxury


Solar pool heating is just one of the many versatile ways in which solar technology is being used today. Solar pool heating systems are not only a smart way to use green energy but also a very convenient contraption when you want some extra savings from heating costs.


Solar water heating systems and central heating system are often used in conjunction. In such cases, solar heat will either be concentrated in a preheating tank that in turn feeds into the tank that is heated by central heating or the solar heat exchanger will replace the lower heating element and the upper element will be fixed in place to supplement any heating that the solar heating system cannot provide.


In many countries solar water heating systems can provide the maximum amount of energy required for water heating. So the dependence on solar power technology for domestic water heating keeps on increasing.

Solar water heating systems are being unanimously used to heat pool water across the globe. Solar pool heating is a significant way of reducing swimming pool heating costs by using solar technology. All you have to do to get warm pool water is to install a solar pool heater in your home.

The mechanism for solar pool heaters is pretty much the same as the central solar heating process, except here the tank that collects the solar heat is fed into the water source that drains into the pool. So with the help of this handy contraption you will be on your way to have warm water in your pool for most of the year.


When it comes to heating your pool using solar energy, the advantages are sure to be most obvious.

  • Solar pool heating systems are incredibly cost competitive with both heat pump and gas pool heaters.
  • Solar pool heating is one of the most cost effective ways of using solar energy through solar technology.
  • They reduce your dependence on exhaustible sources of energy and hence preserve precious resources.
  • They are easy to install, maintain and are also quite cheap in terms of service and installation costs.


    Solar pool heaters are made out of different materials. The various types you require depends upon the climate factors in your area as well as the size of collector or pool where the heated water will be discharged.

    Unglazed Collectors

    In case of freezing temperatures, you will need an unglazed collector system for your pool. Unglazed collectors do not have a glass covering but are generally made of really tough rubber or highly tempered plastic that has been treated with an ultraviolet light inhibitor that extends the longevity of the panels.

    The unglazed collectors are less expensive than the glazed ones due to the materials used. These unglazed collectors can also be used for indoor pools in very cold climates.

    Glazed Collectors

    glazed collector systems are made of copper tubing on an aluminum plate with a covering of iron tempered glass. The glass increases the cost but the glazed collectors are more efficient in colder climates than the unglazed ones.


    So solar pool heating is just one of the efficient and convenient ways in which solar power technologies are being used today.


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