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QLD Solar & Lighting – 5 Stars. Always. Why?

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Why do we always have happy customers?

As a Qld Solar and Lighting customer, we understand your need to be sure that you are getting the best value for your dollar when investing in a solar system.

Qld Solar and Lighting are always doing extensive research on all the panels and inverters we recommend, to ensure we only supply products that perform under the tough Australian conditions. We also ensure all our component parts are equally up to standard. This often makes our prices a little higher than some of our competitors, but when you consider that the system is supposed to last between 25 – 30 years we want to make sure that you get the quality you’ve paid for.

Below are some of the items we use in our installations that put us above all the rest;-


  • 1). Galvanised fixings used on all exposed external work.
  • 2). Hot dipped galvanised saddle mounts for all our conduit mounting, (most companies use simple zinc plated saddles which rust within 1 year of installation).
  • 3). Our ZJBENY DC Isolators are Australian certified, and we have never fitted any of the sub-standard Isolators currently being recalled throughout Australia. With many of our competitors using either sub-contractors or fitting cheaper models to cut costs they have exposed their customers to fire risks and are currently having to retro-fit replacement items. As a wholesaler of these items we have seen the sudden increase in orders for our supplies, and our maintenance team is helping out customers of other companies no longer in operation who were sold systems comprised of these sub-standard items.
  • 4). Rooftop DC isolator shields (cover) – These items provide extra protection from both UV and water ingress, and help to extend the life of the isolator.
  • 5). Fully Stainless Steel (304) Tile Brackets – Multiple fixing points, strong and flexible up to cyclone rating.
  • 6). 14 gauge roofing screws are used to fasten the racking to your roof, with a B8 Galvanised coating that lasts up to 4 x longer than standard Galvanising, (most companies use standard Galvanised 12 gauge roofing screws).
  • 7). Bootlace pins are used on all our DC wiring terminations to ensure a superior overall connection.
  • 8). Sheathed flexible conduit is used where there is a requirement to protect the cables. This has superior UV protection over standard flexible conduit, (which breaks down under constant UV exposure after only a few years).
  • 9). Gutter guards are used by all our installers, to protect our customers guttering when using ladders for roof access.
  • 10). All our installations are carried out by our own in house installation teams under the direct control of one of our company directors. They use only the equipment and fixtures we supply them with, so we can offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on our installations.

Quality Solar Systems Ensured. Everytime. Always!

Our teams specialise in both Domestic and Commercial Solar installations of every size, and are helpful and friendly. We encourage them to represent our company in a positive way and reward them with special incentives and bonuses for every testimonial letter we receive from our satisfied customers.

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