Solar Panels Queensland


So you live in the sunshine state and need to know about solar panels Queensland? We have all that you need right here.

Queensland has more than average sunshine the year round compared to the other states. This… Read more

Solar Power Canberra


In the recent years, solar energy has picked up fast growth in Australia. The weather of Australia which is dry with lot of sunshine throughout the year makes it ideal for the shift to Solar energy as compared… Read more

Solar Power Brisbane


Australia is looking to harness renewable energy to reduce the dependency on conventional energy sources which are fast getting depleted. The various  alternate sources of energy which are emerging are… Read more

Solar Power Eurobodalla


In the last few years with the growing price of Electricity per unit and also a serious awareness of environment and protecting fossil energy, Australia has made the big shift towards going the Solar way.… Read more

Canberra Solar Power


Given Australia’s sunny and pleasant weather conditions, the shift to Solar power as a growing source of energy has accelerated over the last few years. Government is also offering many incentives for making… Read more

Solar Power Narooma


While using Solar energy to power residential and commercial buildings has been a common

concept in many countries, in Australia this has picked up pace in the recent past.The Solar

energy installations … Read more

Everyone jumps on the Solar Energy Sunshine Coast Solar power Bandwagon

The sunshine coast solar power is just what it says, sunny! The beautiful area is always flooded with sunlight, making it a beautiful abode for the residents of the Sunshine… Read more

Tweed Heads is situated on New South Wales far away from north coast, just right side on the Queensland border. When you pass by this area, you should need to concern about the danger area, greeted by a big sized memorial for captain cook. We are… Read more

Everyone is wanting Good quality Solar Panels Victoria installed. We also offer to sell and install Solar Power systems to many customers in the Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.


Not only do we install Solar… Read more


Are you the type of person that only expects the best for your house you so proudly call it your ‘Castle’. That it’s not even your home, but it is in fact your CASTLE? Well we here at Queensland Solar and Lighting would believe that you too … Read more

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