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They’ve Announced a NEW Australian Solar Panel Tax?! – What is it Really All About?

Hey everyone, it’s Alan Kemp from Queensland Solar and Lighting. Let’s dive into the recent buzz about the new solar panel tax in Australia. This topic has stirred quite a bit of controversy.

The Announcement

A Current Affair recently ran a story suggesting that solar panel owners might have to pay a new tax. The comments were disabled on their YouTube video, adding to the speculation. The video has already garnered nearly 100,000 views in just 14 hours. This news may slow solar panel sales in Brisbane, and around Australia. Will it increase the sales of Solar Batteries in Brisbane?

solar panel tax


  1. New Charges for Solar Owners:
    • Solar panel owners might soon pay power companies to store their excess energy.
    • Previously, power companies paid for the excess energy, but this might change.
  2. Reasons Behind the Change:
    • The energy network needs upgrading to handle the influx of power.
    • The government aims to prevent grid congestion.
  3. Industry Response:
    • Many feel punished for adopting green energy solutions.
    • The new levy could harm installers and suppliers.
  4. Avoiding New Charges:
    • Exporting solar energy during peak times.
    • Investing in batteries to store power.

Industry Experts Weigh In

Marcus Lambert’s Perspective

Marcus Lambert, a well-known figure in the solar industry, shared his views. He highlighted the need for transparent communication from the government and energy companies. He also emphasized the importance of proper planning to avoid such situations.

Concerns from Kathleen, an Industry Pioneer

Kathleen, an industry veteran, fears the new levy might severely impact solar installers and suppliers. She advocates for incentives rather than penalties to encourage solar adoption. She works for Catch Power.

Government’s Stance

The Australian Energy Market Commission Chair, Anna Colia, mentioned that doing nothing wasn’t an option. She believes the grid needs to be managed to accommodate the growing solar energy production.

Implications for Solar Panel Owners

  • Financial Impact:
    • Solar panel owners might face new charges, reducing their savings.
    • Despite this, they will still save around $900 annually on power bills.
  • Possible Solutions:
    • Invest in energy storage solutions like batteries.
    • Export solar power during peak times to avoid new charges.

Table: Potential Impact of the New Solar Tax

Aspect Current Scenario New Scenario
Payment for Excess Power companies pay for excess energy Solar owners pay for storing excess energy
Savings Average savings of $900 annually Potential decrease due to new charges
Energy Network Needs upgrading to handle influx Managed to prevent congestion
Consumer Response Feel punished for adopting green energy Potential investment in batteries

Strategies to Mitigate Impact

  1. Invest in Energy Storage:
    • Batteries can store excess energy for later use.
  2. Export During Peak Times:
    • Sending energy to the grid when it’s in high demand can help avoid charges.
  3. Monitor Energy Usage:
    • Keeping track of energy production and usage can optimize efficiency.
  4. Advocate for Fair Policies:
    • Engaging with policymakers to express concerns and seek fair solutions.

The new solar panel tax has sparked significant debate. While the government aims to manage the grid efficiently, solar panel owners feel unfairly targeted. The industry’s future will depend on how these changes are implemented and their impact on consumers and businesses alike.

Stay tuned for more updates and expert opinions on this evolving situation. We’ll discuss this further in our upcoming solar podcast. Your feedback and thoughts are always welcome at the Australian #1 Solar Forum on facebook.

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