Solar Powered Future for Rosewood

From Coal Mining Past To a Solar Powered Future for Rosewood


A small town located about 30 miles from the Brisbane central business district, Rosewood get its name from the primary tree that grows in and around the area. A town with a history of primarily being a coal transit and logging town is the subject of this study on the potential of solar power in Rosewood.

  • Rosewood is situated about 15 miles to the west of the city of Ipswich. It is bordered by Haigslea and Marburg to the north and Ebenzer to the south. To its east lies Thagoona and to its west, Ashwell. Like many other towns in the region, Rosewood started off as timber town and also as a stopover town for the mines strewn about in the surrounding areas.


  • As of the 2011 census, rosewood has a population of over 2700 individuals and is one of the better developed areas in terms of real estate compared to its surrounding areas. In the mid nineteenth to mid twentieth century Rosewood was ablooming town due to the logging business and also dairy farming. However in the 1960s, as these industries declined so did the population of Rosewood.



  • After the scheduling of regular railway services to Ipswich and construction of newer roads that connected Rosewood to the greater Ipswich are and also Brisbane, the population increased once more. This was due to the convenience of travelling to a bigger city while being able to afford property in Rosewood.

Rosewood also has good infrastructure in terms of schools, public halls, and restaurants. Rosewood has a few community halls, a golf course, swimming pools and other public places that offer variety to the people who intend to settle here. All of this factors put together make Rosewood a prime candidate in solar power development.

Most of the houses here are small bungalow style houses with a few bedrooms and all necessary amenities. They also may have a yard or a smaller extended open space. This is in contrast to the areas nearby as most of the real estate there would be farms and acreage.

Rosewood is prime estate for people looking to live a peaceful, but connected life in the suburbs while travelling to the bigger cities for work. Most of the families here are young or middle aged families working in Ipswich and the greater Brisbane are.

The solar power requirement in this area again comes back to residential homes trying to cut costs by relying less on the conventional power grid. There are already a few homes taking advantage, but it needs to be implemented or encouraged further.

The other opportunity is with the businesses that service these families and homes. With quite a few shops and service providers coming to the central areas of Rosewood, businesses can also cut costs by implementing solar power. There are a few community centers which have taken advantage of this.

As the areas around Ipswich grow and as the pressure on the greater Brisbane area increases, already developed areas like Rosewood will be prime locations for Solar power implementation.

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