Solar Power Study for Purga

Solar Power Study for Purga


Situated only about 5 miles from the city center of Ipswich in south eastern Queensland, Purga is a small locality of about 600 people. The name Purga is derived from the aboriginal word pur–pur, which roughly translates to meeting place. This study aims to shed some light on the possibilities for solar power in Purga.

Purga is a sparsely populated area with suburban homes with large yards being a predominant feature. Because of it very close proximity to Ipswich, Purga, which was more of a village in the recent past is slowly but steadily expanding into a suburb. Only 5 miles from Ipswich city center and 25 miles from Brisbane central business district, Purga offers beautiful homes with open spaces, although not quite as big as owning farms or acreage.

The Landscape of Purga is primarily flat grassland with some instances of scrubland strewn about. It’s a flat expanse, which has contributed to its growth as a farm based real estate area. Although agricultural farms are rare there are a few around.

This is a particular interest area for developing solar power in Purga as there is good potential here in the residential areas. People moving or buying properties here wouldn’t want to have large farms, yet have nice open spaces and the feel of countryside very close to a big city.

The border of Purga pretty much follows the Warrill Creek to its north. Beyond it lies the Royal Australian Air Force Amberly aviation center, which doubles up as a military airport as well.

The Cunningham highway passes through the top of the locality. Two other important roads also pass through Purga. The Middle Road and the Ipswich-Boonah road are a means of connecting Ipswich with the areas that lay south to it. Both these roads branch out from the Cunningham Highway and run through the entire length of Purga.

There are a few farms towards the south of Purga, close to Mudtapilly. However most of the properties are independent houses with small gardens or an extended open space attached. The scope for solar power in Purga is mostly with individual homes. They are already quite well connected with the conventional power grid.

The push should be to encourage solar power to slowly replace and reduce full dependence on conventional power. This is quite possible to achieve as most homes could overtime slowly switch over to solar power incrementally, and then use conventional power only when demand is very heavy.

There is enormous potential in the field of solar power in Purga. Being situated in the southeast of Queensland, it enjoys consistent sunshine throughout the year. Real estate prices have leaped quite a bit in the past few years. They are only expected to increase as the proximity of Purga to Ipswich gives it an unbeatable advantage in terms of connectivity.

Since there are no big commercial or industrial projects in this area solar power in Purga will primarily be centered on the residential living areas and will have to cater to individual properties. With the growth of this locality guaranteed, the Future for solar power in Purga looks quite bright.


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