Solar Power Study for Heritage Park

Solar Power Study for Heritage Park


Heritage Park is a locality within the local government area of Logan City in southeast Queensland. It is the subject of assessment for solar power in this study.

  • Location – Heritage Park lies about 4 miles southwest of Logan City and 16 miles south of Brisbane. It is bordered by the suburbs of Browns Plains, Marsden, Crestmead, Park Ridge and Regents Park. Its northwestern boundary runs along the Browns Plains road and the western boundary along Bayliss road which in the middle turns inside the center of the locality.

    This area was earlier a part of the locality of Browns Plains but in 1991 when the area was being developed it was renamed as Heritage Park.

  • Real Estate – As mentioned earlier this area was released from Browns Plains for development and has been a real estate hotspot since then. Heritage Park is a medium density residential suburb where solar power can play an important part. Median prices for property tend to be around 400,000 dollars despite having suburban homes and very little land i.e. small back and/or front yards with them. This is due to the areas proximity to Logan City as well as the connectivity to Brisbane.

    Heritage Park has a population of 4874 individuals according to the last census and has a lower median age compared to a lot of the surrounding areas. This is due to the fact that most young families move here to live a good suburban life close to urban facilities. As the demand for real estate is fairly high the prices tend to be higher as well.

    This locality offers typical suburban housing as well as premium suburban housing in certain areas where the prices can reach upwards of 800,000 dollars depending on what is being offered.

    There has been quite a few new developments happening here and the demand for houses in this area is slowly on the rise. Despite the local Landfill and refuse disposal site in the area, prices on homes in the vicinity aren’t expected to be lower than the rest of Heritage Park.

  • Solar Power Potential – because of the above mentioned reasons solar power has a lot of potential in Heritage Park, mostly in the individual home space. Since this area has a good density of homes solar power can be encouraged through targeted marketing campaigns.

    Newer developments and older homes being redeveloped should have the option of integrated solar power as an incentive to reduce power consumption from the grid and cutting down power bills.

    Another area of solar power development in Heritage Park would be in community spaces and public infrastructure. This would help in cutting down power from the peripheral infrastructure for this suburb, which can add up to a lot collectively. The landfill in the area will have a certain portion of land that can be reclaimed and used as a Solar power generation area which can power all the above.

Suburbs at peak times can be drain on power. Places like Heritage Park can light the way by solar power and reduce the dependence on coal and gas powered stations cutting harmful emissions as a result.

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