Solar Power Runcorn

Solar Power Runcorn –  Big City, Bright Lights


Solar Power Runcorn is the energy that can let you have bright lights burning at low cost. Solar energy is economical and clean. Did you know that the sunlight which you enjoy everyday can generate electricity?  Let Queensland Solar and Lighting Company show you how.

About Solar Power

Solar Power Runcorn is a 100% sustainable and renewable energy. The solar power you use daily is replaced the next day. The replacement is free of cost and there is no harmful impact on ecology. You only have to provide space on your home rooftop for installation of solar panels. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will do the rest.


How solar power?

The solar panels are embedded with photovoltaic cells made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon. These photovoltaic cells absorb the radiated heat of the sunlight. The cells contain a semi conductor chip which is agitated by the heat. The agitated chip generates a high voltage direct current across the ends of the cell. That electricity is converted into an alternating current. It is then transmitted to your home.


Why Solar Power?

For Solar Power Runcorn is fortunate to enjoy bright sunshine for most of the year. Installing solar power systems is definitely an attractive idea and a viable proposition. Solar power is environment friendly with zero pollution impact. No greenhouse gases, no smoke, no chemical by-products. It is also comparatively inexpensive; actually virtually free after installation. Further, rebates, discounts and tax credits are offered by Government to promote Solar Power Runcorn.


Which Solar Power?

For Solar Power Runcorn, the choice of equipment must take into account not only cost but also value. The major features of the equipment are.

ü  modules with tempered glass surfaces and using very high quality EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate);

ü  state-of-the-art technology for refraction of sunbeams into infrared, ultraviolet and visible light beams for superior heat absorption;

ü  frames made of aluminium alloy and treated with corrosion resistant oxidation coating which have produced proven results

ü  extremely rigorous inspection and testing of each photo voltaic cell and semi-conductor chip;

ü  a configuration of 3 bus bars to ensure augmented power efficiency;

ü  ability to withstand the impact of falling steel marbles that weigh 1 kg and also support 300 kgs. of load per square meter;




What is special?

What are the other special reasons for Solar Power Runcorn to choose solar power for its bright lights?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty;

ü  Efficiency – Panels which use unique anti reflective coating guaranteed to absorb more sunlight;

ü  Material – Use of best in class materials for better efficiency;

ü  Stable Output – Highly weather resistant. Proven to generate output even in reduced sunlight;

ü  International Standards – Solar cells are of the highest quality and meet international certification criteria;

ü  Reputation – Reputation for customer friendly service and high-quality installations;

ü  Economical –  cost effective equipment combined with uncompromising quality and efficiency standards


Let’s Do It

With Solar Power Runcorn, you can let your bright lights shine in glory.




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