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Solar Power Rochedale – New Energy


Solar Power Rochedale can be your new landmark. That would add lustre to your name; reputed for its waste-to-energy facility. The town enjoys an abundance of sunshine. Sunshine is synonymous with solar power. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company tell you what you can do with sunlight.


About Solar Power

Solar Power Rochedale is the talk of the town for electricity supply. Solar panels are mounted on the roof tops of your homes. These panels can provide you with sufficient electricity supply to meet all your needs. And you will still have a residual supply stored in the batteries. You said “hello” to waste-to-energy. Now say “hello” to Solar Power Rochedale.


Solar Power Working

The sun is the creator of solar power. The sunlight falls on the monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic cells in the solar panels. These photovoltaic cells which are embedded in the solar panels get heated. The semi-conductor chip in the cell is activated by the heat transferred through the cell.

Production of electricity

The activated chip generates high voltage across the ends of the cells. This voltage is in the form of a direct current. The direct current is converted into an alternating current through an inverter. The current is then supplied to your home as Solar Power Rochedale.


Solar Power For The Community

Your community can meet all its electricity needs with Solar Power Rochedale.  Rochedale Lutheran
College and Rochedale State School can also run on solar power. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have a wealth of experience in implementaton of utility solar projects.


Why Solar Power?

Solar power technology is developing rapidly. These developments are driving costs of solar power down. Sunlight is free of cost. With conventional electricity becoming costlier, the payback period for solar power investment is getting shorter. And solar power is free of pollution. When you opt for solar power, you leave no carbon footprint. No greenhouse gases, no smoke, and no chemical by-products.


Which Solar Power?

When selecting your system for Solar Power Rochedal, look for these features .

ü  photo voltaic cells and semi-conductor chips scrupulously tested for adherence to international standards;

ü  modules with tempered glass surfaces and using high quality EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate).;

ü  state-of-the-art technology for refraction of sunbeams into infrared, ultraviolet and visible rays for excellent absorption;

ü  3 bus bars configuration for improved power production;

ü  Design parameters which assure performance even in cloudy weather conditions;

ü  Ability to withstand heavy loads up to 300 kgs per square metre


What is special?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty;

ü  Efficiency – tempered glass surfaces for higher levels of sunlight absorption;

ü  Cell Power – Reduction of space between bus bars which translates to better power output;

ü  Tolerance limits – It can withstand water exposure and wind pressure,;

ü  Long term relationship – longevity beyond the generation in which it is installed;

ü  Economical – cost-effective solution. It achieves this without compromising on quality and performance.


Let’s Do It

Rochedale went the eco-friendly way with its waste-to-energy facility.  Now you can steal a march with Solar Power Rochedale.



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