Solar power Morayfield

Solar power Morayfield: A Recent Install

Queensland Solar and Lighting recently installed a 6kw solar system in Morayfield, Brisbane, QLD in February 2015. This 6kw system consists of 24 x 250 watt Jinko solar panels and a 5kw SMA Sunnyboy inverter. The customer took advantage of our 6kw solar system special pricing.

As of September 2015 the customers are over the moon with the install. Have a look at where the panels are located on the roof in Ridgegarden Drive, Morayfield.

 morayfield brisbane solar panels
Here is the house in Morayfield before Queensland Solar and Lighting installed a 6kw solar system.
solar power morayfield
This customer has a good blend of early morning and afternoon power, with his panels split into 2 strings. North and East.

We also installed 2 neighbours side-by-side in Morayfield.

These 2 neighbours were happy to get a solar install at the same time of eachother. They both chose to have 6kw Jinko Solar panels and the German SMA Sunnboy inverter. The special SMA, Tier 1 deal that is proving to be too popular!

solar morayfield
Here lies the 2 houses, a picture from the Nearmap plane, with no solar panels on the roof. Good thing they arranged for QLD Solar and Lighting to install some quality solar systems for them each.
solar power on 2 neighbours next to each other.
And here they are, both installed within a week of each other. I think they had to play Scissors, Paper, Rock to see who got the first install! haha
The Northern House with the green roof has a very good spread of power, from morning to evening producing solid kw’s. Good for that early morning pool filter, with those East Panels. While the White roofed neighbour has a solid 6kw system, with panels all on the East – This is great for blasting that Air Conditioning on stinking hot summer afternoons!


Solar power Morayfield is fast gaining popularity in Australia, making it the preferred choice for energy systems. Read on to know why this is.

Welcome to the review on Solar power Morayfield. We hope you enjoy this read.

The Australian government has always been vocal about its thoughts on supporting environmental causes. They continue to advocate ways and means to conserve energy, protect natural habitats, and safeguard our planet.

This article highlights the importance of energy conservation and shows you why solar power Morayfield has proved to be as effective as it is.

Conventional energy grids depend on fuels such as coal, wood and oil. These fuels, also known as fossil fuels are harsh on the environment and strip away a fair amount of natural resources every year. In addition to this they emit a large amount of smoke, primarily consisting of carbon di-oxide; adding to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases. Considering the main topic of discussion in every yearly UN climatic summit is the adversities of global warming and climatic changes, it seems quite apparent that there is a need for drastic and progressive change. Energy conservation can be one such change that if executed globally and collectively, it can bring about a positive change in the environment.

Solar power Morayfield:

Solar Systems Morayfield is gaining tremendous popularity for being a suburb that is environmentally driven. Here is why.

Morayfield is a quiet residential suburb located in Moreton Ray region of Queensland, Australia. The city houses will well populated and is known for its low lying bricked houses. With Brisbane as its state capital, this quite suburb is home to a few shopping malls and commercial complexes making it a self-sufficient town. Considering that this land was considered as remote and underdeveloped up until the 1980’s, it is commendable to note the rapid growth and progressive development this town has seen. In fact, it is considered a thriving place for business and living.

So, how does Solar Systems Morayfield fit into the scheme of things?

Like most of Australia, Morayfield is blessed with loads of sunshine and warmth. Known for their foresight and proactive nature, the locals were quick to recognize the avenues in harnessing solar powered systems. In alignment and support to their needs, Queensland solar and lighting continues to offer excellent solar solutions that are specific to the customers’ requirement; so much so that it has become a household name in this town.

So if you happen to be living in Morayfield and haven’t taken the plunge to go solar yet, we suggest you do. Feel free to contact Queensland solar and lighting at Feel free to call 0411 348 400. You can also logon to their website: for further clarification.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s go pro-environment and endorse solar power as an alternate and effective fuel source. Here is wishing you a cleaner world to live in.

Thank you for viewing our review on Solar Systems Morayfield.

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