Solar Power Moorooka

Solar Power Moorooka – Energy Unlimited


With Solar Power Moorooka you can have energy unlimited. Just harness the energy of the sun which shines on your town every day. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will show you how.

Why Solar Power?

Conventional sources of energy such as petroleum, coal and gas are fast running out. But sunshine will last forever or at least for another one billion years. You can choose to exploit the virtually unlimited potential energy available from the sun. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will support this endeavour.

About Solar Power

Solar Power Moorooka is the conversion of the heat radiating from the sun into electricity. You need only sunshine and a rooftop on which solar panels can be installed. Leave the rest to Queensland Solar and Lighting Company


Wherefrom solar power

Solar panels will be installed on your roof top. These solar panels contain tiny photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb the radiated heat from the sun. The absorbed heat is transferred to semi conductors. These semi conductors emit electrons which produce a direct current. This electricity is used to light up your household with Solar Power Moorooka.


Solar Power For The Community

Solar Power Moorooka has the capacity to cater to the requirement of your entire community. It can be used for your streetlights, churches, schools, light industry, motor dealerships, warehouses, etc.. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has trained professionals for designing and implementing such solar projects


Zero Pollution

Solar Power Moorooka can contribute to reduction of pollution caused by greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and carcinogens.  The wonder of solar power is that it is produced from the radiated heat of the sun. In the process, there is no chemical by-product, no smoke and no gas. A clean community can keep itself clean by adopting solar power.


Which Solar Power?

Solar Power Moorooka needs to take into account the exceptional product features highlighted below. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company can provide both standard products and customized ones

ü  Solar panels with tempered glass and anti-reflective coating for superior absorption of sunlight;

ü  Solar panels with corrosion resistant frames for a longer life;

ü  Rigorous inspection of each photo voltaic cell and semi-conductor which is the heart of the system;

ü  3 bus bars configuration to reduce power loss and increase power efficiency;

ü  High impact structural framework that can bear a load of up to 300 kgs per square meter;


What is special?

ü  Warranties – A 25 year performance warranty and a 12 year product warranty;

ü  Efficiency – exceptional level of sunlight absorption guarantees higher output;

ü  Stable Output – Assured  generation of electricity even on cloudy days;

ü  International Standards – products which conform to international criteria;

ü  Service support – Reputation for customer friendly service and high-quality installations;

ü  Cost –  value for money products in tandem with high quality equipment


Your Decision

With Solar Power Moorooka, you and your children can enjoy unlimited energy and  a continuing clean environment in the future.








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