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Solar Power Macgregor – Welcome Sunshine


Solar Power Macgregor welcome sunshine.  Blessed with a sub tropical climate, the sun shines on Macgregor every day. The sunshine can work wonders for you and your community. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company can help you discover a better way of life with Solar Power Macgregor.



About Solar Power

Solar Power Macgregor is a renewable, sustainable energy that can transform your way of life. Solar power can light up your community. You only need to provide a space on the roof for installation of solar panels. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will take care of the rest.


Wherefrom solar power

The rays of the sun fall on the photovoltaic cells in the solar panels. These photovoltaic cells are embedded in the solar panels. The semi conductor chip in the cell is activated by the heat transferred through the cell.

Production of electricity

This activated chip emits electrons and generates high voltage across the ends of the cells. This voltage is in the form of a direct current. The direct current is converted into an alternating current through an inverter. The current is then supplied to your home as Solar Power Macgregor


What about the evening?

Sunlight is available for limited hours every day. But that’s not a worry. Not all the electrical energy produced will be consumed during the day. The excess energy is stored in batteries from where electricity is drawn after sunset. This calibration is made while assessing the capacity of the solar system to be installed.


Why Solar Power?

The availability of sunlight throughout the year makes harnessing of solar power an attractive proposition. Solar power is significantly cheaper than conventional sources of energy. It is also much less polluting. So, you save money and you also contribute to a greener environment.

Zero Pollution

Solar Power Macgregor can contribute to reduction of pollution caused by greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and carcinogens.  The beauty of solar power is that it originates in radiated heat of the sun. In the process, there is no chemical by-product, no smoke and no gas. A clean community can keep itself clean by choosing solar power to meet its energy needs.

Which Solar Power?

For Solar Power Macgregor, you can have the best equipment featuring

ü  Solar panels with tempered glass for superior absorption of sunlight;

ü  Solar panels with corrosion resistant frames having a longer life;

ü  Meticulous inspection of each photo voltaic cell which is the heart of the system;

ü  3 bus bars system to reduce power loss and increase power efficiency;

ü  High impact structural framework that can withstand the pressure of a 1kg falling body ;


What is special?

ü  Warranties – A 25 year performance warranty and a 12 year product warranty;

ü  Efficiency – anti-reflective glass for enhanced sunlight absorption;

ü  Stable Output –generation of electricity even on cloudy days;

ü  International Standards – Solar cells which adhere to international certification criteria;

ü  Cost –  economical charges coupled with high quality equipment


Let’s Do It

With Solar Power Macgregor you can welcome sunshine into your homes and offices all through the day








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