Solar Power in White Rock


Solar Power in White Rock, Queensland


The locality of White rock lies about 19 miles south west of Brisbane. A suburb of Ipswich, White rock houses a protected nature reserve and is mostly deserted with very few settlements, only in areas where it borders other localities with substantial population. In lieu of this, Solar Power in White Rock, Queensland is a study that briefly outlines the possibilities of solar power in this area.

  • Area – White Rock gets its name from pale colored rock faces that dominate the area. Even in some places of the centenary highway that passes through this area, this feature can be seen on both sides of the road. The main attraction is the White Rock Conservation Park located in the center of this locality. A prominent peak juts out of the land with a large exposed face which has been a tourist attraction for many years.


    The area is covered with trees and scrubland on the hills. The plain areas have mostly grasslands on them. There is also varied fauna in this area including some endangered species as well, among which the Glossy balck cockatoo is prominent. Kangaroos, Wallabies and even dingos have been seen in this area.

  • Development – There aren’t any major real estate developments being planned here. Since it is a part of a conservation park, land for real estate isn’t readily released here. Some areas to the extremities of this locality do have farms and homes around them, but mostly because they are far out and away from the protected area.
  • Feasibility – Located in the southeast part of Queensland it enjoys the same benefits as the areas surrounding it. Plenty of consistent sunshine throughout the year makes it possible for solar power generation in White Rock

    White Rock is already a haven for tourists coming for a quick getaway from busy city life. There are also trekking and bush walking activities happening all around the year by enthusiasts. There are also dirt track biking enthusiasts who take trails outside the protected area for joy riding. The potential for solar power in White Rock would only be in this field of tourism and conservation.

    Areas to the north and south can be developed as tourist lodging areas. Here all of the facilities can be powered by solar panels reducing the possibility of grid power getting close to this place.

  • Transportation – Transportation to and from this area is quite easy as it is connected by roads on the boundaries. Although white rock itself doesn’t provide potential for real estate development, the requirement for solar power in the surrounding areas is paramount. To preserve the natural flora, fauna and to cut down environmental degradation is of utmost importance here.

With a thermal power plant present in Swanbank, it is important that the emissions from that be reduced to a minimum by the use of solar power to protect an area like White rock which lay so close to it. While solar power in White rock may not be the answer to solving this problem, it may well be the reason for which solar power needs development in this region.




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