Solar Power Holland Park

Solar Power Holland Park –  Sunshine All The Way


Solar Power Holland Park, you can have sunshine all the way. Did you know that the sunlight which you enjoy everyday can generate electricity?  Let Queensland Solar and Lighting Company show you how. Welcome to our Hanwha solar panels review.


About Solar Power

Solar Power Holland Park is a 100% sustainable and renewable energy. The solar power that you use daily is replaced the next day. The replacement is free and there is no harmful impact on ecology. You only have to provide space on your home roof top for installation of solar panels. Leave the rest to Queensland Solar and Lighting Company


How solar power?

The solar panels are embedded with photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells absorb the radiated heat of the sunshine. The cells contain a semi conductor chip which is agitated by the heat. This chip generates a high voltage direct current across the ends of the cell. That electricity is converted into an alternating current. It is then transmitted to your home.


What happens at sunset?

Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will assess your need. Your requirement for a span of 24 hours will be taken into account. The system will be designed so that it generates surplus power during the day. The surplus power will be stored in a battery. The battery will be used to supply electricity during the after sunset period


Solar Power For The Community

Solar Power Holland Park could even provide adequate electricity to run your commercial establishments, offices, school, and recreation areas.  This would call for the implementation of utility solar systems. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has qualified technical personnel with substantial experience in such installations…


Why Solar Power?

For Solar Power Holland Park is fortunate to enjoy bright sunshine for most of the year. Installing solar power systems is definitely an attractive idea.  Solar power is environment friendly with zero pollution impact. It is also comparatively inexpensive; actually virtually free after installation. Further, rebates, discounts and tax credits are offered by the Government to promote the use of solar energy.


Which Solar Power?

For Solar Power Holland Park, the choice of equipment must take into account not only cost but also value. The major features of the equipment are.

ü  stringent quality control checks for every photovoltaic cell and semi-conductor;

ü  inspection of solar panels for compliance with global standards;

ü  micro chips embedded conform to international certification criteria;

ü  higher power output owing to 3 bus bars arrangement;

ü  design parameters assure performance even in unfriendly weather conditions;

ü  customer friendly service and professional expertise


What is special?

What are the other special reasons for Solar Power Holland Park to choose sunshine all the way?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty;

ü  Efficiency – tempered glass with anti-reflective coating for higher levels of sunlight absorption;

ü  Tolerance Limits – Designed to withstand exposure to water and wind;

ü  Economical – one of the most economical panels at a very competitive price. It achieves this without compromising on quality and performance.


Let’s Do It

With Solar Power Holland Park, you will be walking in sunshine all the way. Thank you for reading our Hanwha solar panels review







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