Solar power for South Ripley

Solar power for South Ripley Piggybacking on the development of Ripley


Named eponymously after the valley it sits in (i.e. Ripley valley), Ripley is a small locality just south of the town of Ipswich. It is located only 5 miles from the city center and 25 miles from the Brisbane Central business district. South Ripley is the extended area surrounding the centenary highway.

Ripley has been in news lately due to plans of elaborate development as part of the Brisbane metropolitan western growth corridor project. Although much of South Ripley is outside the areas of development, the peripheral gains to this area will be significant as well.

This is very good news for bringing solar power in south Ripley, as newer and greener homes would be built and would definitely employ solar power. All of this is enumerated below.

Ripley came into the spotlight recently as the Queensland government along with the local government decided to develop certain areas for residential and commercial real estate. The development plan known as Ecco Ripley plans to build residential areas in the surrounding areas and a major part of Ripley.

South Ripley can then become the quieter suburb for people trying to stay in small acreage or homes with an extended open space.

The area around South Ripley is expected to grow phenomenally, and south Ripley can be a hub of solar power for its surrounding areas. Even if Individual homes are encouraged for solar power, South Ripley can act as matrix for solar panel installation that provides power to nearby Ripley once it’s fully developed.

This is an opportunity like none other for the development of solar power in South Ripley. South Ripley can be a hub for all the solar energy generation for the area around the new developments.

Ripley is already quite well connected and supplied by Conventional power grid lines. In the coming years as the population of this area grows, so will the demand for energy. For a business hub to develop and thrive in the region solar power can provide a renewable, non-polluting energy solution.

Solar power in South Ripley is ideal for the installation of large arrays to produce a substantial amount of backup power for the growing demands of the area. This should reach a point to minimize conventional power consumption by the time the whole development project is completed. The impetus for this however needs to be put now.

Although solar power installation is costlier, in the long run there are myriad benefits for both businesses and individuals. Solar power requires minimum maintenance and provides consistent power. With climate change a major issue, solar power is the way forward.

Solar power in South Ripley provides a very good opportunity for renewable energy sources to get a hold into commercial use and push down the requirement for conventional power generation via thermal or nuclear means considerably.

Whether South Ripley can ride the success of Ripley isn’t the question. With Ripley growing fast due to the developments South Ripley is also guaranteed to have some growth just because of proximity. It is imperative that his opportunity be used to promote solar power in South Ripley.

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