Solar Power Fairfield

Solar Power Fairfield –  Living in the sunshine


Living every moment of each day in the sunshine is possible in Solar Power Fairfield. The world has realized that it is reaching the end of fossil fuel resources. The international call for solar energy as an alternative is gaining ground. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have a solution.


About Solar Power

Solar Power Fairfield is energy which comes from the sun. The rays of the sun contain concentrated heat. This heat is captured and converted into electricity which is used to power domestic and commercial lighting and appliances.


Wherefrom solar power

Solar power is a direct product of the sun. The rays of the sun fall upon the photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells are embedded in the solar panels. These panels are installed on the roof tops of homes and offices. The semi conductor chip in the cell is activated by the heat transferred through the cell.


Production of electricity

This activation of chip[ generates high voltage across the ends of the cells. This voltage is in the form of a direct current. The direct current is converted into an alternating current through an inverter. The current is then supplied to your home as Solar Power Fairfield


What happens at sunset?

Your requirement for a 24 hour period is calculated. The capacity of the system will be decided such that it generates surplus power during the day. The surplus power will be stored in a battery. The stored electricity in the battery will be released during the after sunset period..


Solar Power For The Community

Solar Power Fairfield is a solution even for the train station and for Fairfield Garden, the shopping centre.  A plan could also be made for the community to change over to solar power.


Why Solar Power?

The availability of sunlight throughout the year puts Fairfield in an advantageous position for the implementation of solar power systems. Solar power is significantly cheaper than conventional sources of energy. It is also much less polluting. The multiple advantages of solar power make it a first choice proposition


Which Solar Power?

For Solar Power Fairfield, the factors to be evaluated are:

ü  A choice of either monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels;

ü  Every photo voltaic cell is subjected to stringent quality control checks;

ü  All solar panels are inspected for compliance with global standards;

ü  Micro chips embedded conform to international certification criteria;

ü  Increased bus bars generate higher power production and power output;

ü  Design parameters assure performance even in unfriendly weather conditions;

ü  Customer friendly service and professional expertise

And more


What is special?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty;

ü  Efficiency – anti reflective surfaces for higher levels of sunlight absorption;

ü  Cell Power – Reduction of space between bus bars which translates to better power output;

ü  Long term relationship – longevity beyond the generation in which it is installed;

ü  Economical – cost-effective solution. It achieves this without compromising on quality and performance.

The reasons for electing for Solar Power Fairfield are overwhelming


Let’s Do It

With Solar Power Fairfiled, the community can be living in sunshine all day and all night.







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