Solar Power Eight Mile Plains

Solar Power Eight Mile Plains –  Light Up Your Life


Solar Power Eight Mile Plains light up your life with solar energy. Driving down Logan Road and watching the sun come up is a beautiful experience. But there is more to be had from sunlight. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company shows you how sunlight can make a real difference in your life.

About Solar Power

Solar Power Eight Mile Plains has the innate capacity to transform life today. The process is simple. Opt for solar power to run your home and business. Solar panels are installed on the roof of your home or office.


Wherefrom solar power

These solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells. The cells catch the rays of sunshine which fall on them. The semi conductor chip in the cell creates a high voltage across the ends of the cell. That generates a direct current. The direct current is converted into an alternating current by an inverter. The alternating current is then transmitted to Solar Power Eight Mile Plains fixtures and appliances.


What happens at sunset?

The excess power is stored in batteries from where electricity is drawn after sunset. The capacity of the solar system to be installed is carefully calculated. It takes into account the amount of electricity required to meet post-twilight power needs. This arrangement is made while assessing the capacity of the solar system to be installed. .


Solar Power For The Community

Solar Power Eight Mile Plains would be a viable proposition for even the Brisbane Technology Park and the Queensland Clunies Ross Center for Science and Industry.  Queensland Power and Lighting Company has substantial experience in installation of utility solar systems. Solar Power Eight Mile Plains could become a model community.


Why Solar Power?

The availability of sunlight throughout the year makes harnessing of solar power a very attractive proposition. Solar power is not only relatively inexpensive but also far more reliable. The sun rises every morning. Even mild sunshine is sufficient to generate electricity.  To add to the attraction, government are also providing rebates and subsidies to establishment which chose to go the environment friendly solar power route.




Which Solar Power?

For Solar Power Eight Mile Plains, the choice of which equipment to install has to take into account these features.

ü  High quality photo voltaic cells for excellent capture of sun rays;

ü  Solar panels with aluminium oxidized frames for a longer life;

ü  Meticulous inspection of each semi conductor chip which generates the direct current;

ü  Configuration of 3 bus bars to boost power efficiency and cut down on power losses;

ü  Customer friendly service and advice born out of first-hand experience;



What is special?

ü  Warranties – A 25 year performance warranty and a 12 year product warranty;

ü  Efficiency – superior level of sunlight absorption;

ü  International Standards – photo voltaic cells which are in conformity with global standards

ü  Service support – prompt, customer friendly dealings;

ü  Cost –  economical charges coupled with high quality equipment


Let’s Do It

Solar Power Eight Mile Plains you can light up your life in a new way and show the way to your neighbours and Australia.








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  1. Hi i am looking for a price on moving some solar panels on an existing home as i am pricing a fly over patio roof in there entertainment area. There address is 7 Forbes Place Eight mile Plains QLD.
    Thanks Rene

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